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Welcome to ZebPay!

We’re on a mission to make Bitcoin simple and secure for everyone.


We love using Brave too! And just for you, we’ll throw in a bonus 50 BAT tokens when you buy A$100 on ZebPay.


How does that sound?

Buying bitcoin is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Register with ZebPay Australia

  2. Complete your KYC

  3. Register your bank account and deposit your AUD

Competitive Pricing

The most competitive prices in Australia, for Bitcoin and a range of altcoins.

Zero-Fee Trading

Zero fees on all fiat and cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.

Intuitive design

An intuitive mobile experience, designed to have you trading smoothly and securely.

What is Bitcoin, and why all the fuss?

Bitcoin was invented in 2009 as a new way to store value or send payments securely from one person to another without fraud, corruption, or having to go through a third party. 


Think of Bitcoin like digital gold. It isn’t created by a government. It is not a national currency or legal tender. But like gold, it holds its value over time. 


The software behind Bitcoin (which is free and open source) protects it from inflation. Currencies like the rupee or dollar can be inflated when the government prints more money. Inflation is one cause of the ups and downs of the economy. But no one can “print” extra bitcoins and lower their value.


In fact, the creator of Bitcoin designed it to be an engine to fight poverty and the inflation and corruption that cause inequality. The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin guarantees transparency and accountability.

Buy/Sell crypto worth A$100 and get bonus of 50 BAT