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BAT-INR: ZebPay’s free-trading pair for August 2020

“If a product is free or has no discernible charges, then my friend, you are the product”

This little piece of wisdom is often found in Reddit threads talking about too-good-to-be-true apps, and aptly sums up the state of online advertising today. We find ads intrusive, an annoyance that must be removed or ignored as quickly as possible. 

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) aims to help both advertisers and users better value an individual’s attention. Offered as part of the Brave browser’s rewards program, users receive 70% of an ad’s revenue share in BAT. This makes for a more empowered user, who is more likely to respond to the ads they are shown. 

BAT-INR pair
BAT’s performance has improved steadily, presently holding value around the 19.5 rupee mark from its position at the beginning in April 2020.

ZebPay believes in this vision for an improved online experience. That’s why we’ve decided that throughout August 2020, all your BAT-INR transactions will be free of any trading fees. We hope this introduces you to the Brave browser, and a new way to surf the web.


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