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Crypto for Good: The Crypto Art India Collective

During an unprecedented time, a group of 50+ people came together to raise funds and contribute to the front line of the fight against COVID-19. These people had never met each other in person before, but were united in their cause. Why did these 50+ people come together? To create art. Meet the Crypto Art India Collective.

The community first formed on Discord, before establishing a public face on Twitter. 

The plan was simple on paper. Create two pieces of art that would be minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Crypto Art India’s first piece, titled Warriors of Hope, was the result of 44 artists collaborating on a single canvas. The second was created by 17 artists creating a limited run of 100 “prints” which exist on the blockchain.

“The wounds are deep, and mankind unseated. Things may look bleak, but we’re dealing. Staying inside separated yet together, Till this virus, we have defeated. Resources right now may seem depleted, And in our home, we pray kneeling. Six feet apart, still helping each other. Till the time the pandemic has fleeted.Making sure even the poor are treated, And healthy every citizen is feeling. So one day, when there is fine weather, Inoculated and united, we come out undefeated.”

Both pieces and the independent pieces within were presented in VR galleries worldwide, to raise awareness for the cause. 

From conception to minting, the collaboration was completed in under two weeks. If not for the decentralized nature of Crypto Art India, it would have been significantly more difficult to accomplish.

As of their last update, the collective had raised 4 ETH (~₹10 lakhs) to support the Crypto Relief Fund’s activities. 

A special shoutout to the OmniFlix Network for their work in organising this collaboration.


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