GARI: Powering Bharat ka Super Entertainment

Fresh off announcing a fundraising round of $15 million, Chingari users now have another reason to celebrate! Starting today, GARI tokens are listed on ZebPay, meaning you can instantly buy and sell a portion of the platform’s governance token.

Wait, what’s Chingari?

Founded in November 2018, the Chingari platform is an Indian video sharing platform with 50 million monthly active users. The app was built to offer a medium for creators to create and share short-from videos in a range of formats and languages. 

Following TikTok’s ban in June 2020, Chingari has grown rapidly, aiming to reach 200 million active users as it expands into Indonesia and the wider APAC region, as well as the US market in 2022.

“Content is accepted globally and we’re creating a ‘creator-based economy’ so this can help us to onboard millions of new users even from Web 3 space,”

Chingari CEO, Sumit Ghosh

Building India’s Creator Economy

Partnering with Solana, the GARI token is built with the purpose of giving Chingari creators a voice in the platform’s future developments. 

With the token, Chingari’s focus now becomes enabling users to monetize their content with the use of crypto tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As a user, you can earn Chingari Coins (and soon GARI tokens) by participating in challenges on the app.

According to the project’s whitepaper, the token will give content creators the opportunity to publish short-form videos and earn $GARI tokens as a reward, while forming close bonds with the social platform’s community.

As noted on the project’s website, $GARI will also serve as a governance token, allowing creators on the platform to shape its future. For instance, they will be able to make proposals on changes that could be introduced to improve the social media platform.

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