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Crypto Education Is Important: Here’s Why

Financial Literacy in 2022

The current generation of investors is exceptionally proactive when it comes to financial literacy and financial independence. Multiple platforms like social media and other online crypto portals are making it simple for us to learn and understand   The basics of investing in crypto.

Swooping in, Many Ed-techs are providing alternate forms of education like online courses from around the world, filling platforms like YouTube and other website blogs with explanatory videos, making complex concepts easy-to-understand,  thus helping millions keep up with the times and learn new things every day. Blockchain technology and investing in crypto assets are terms that were considered hard to understand, but everyone is talking about crypto as a result of these channels.

The impact of Crypto assetCrypto asset is slowly becoming the go-to retirement plan for individuals. More than 50% of Gen Z and millennials have included crypto assets as part of their retirement strategies. Based on the core idea of decentralisation and removing the unwarranted expenses existing in a centralised system with an intermediary calling the shots, crypto-assets give investors transparency, better returns, and unique opportunities to grow.

However, the crypto space isn’t the easiest to understand. With decentralisation comes a lot of complex procedures and a question of accountability. Crypto knowledge is imperative to make returns through crypto. The highly volatile crypto assets can be a tough nut to crack for beginners. However, getting a regular download on the latest trends and, most importantly, drawing the right insights from these trends will help investors make the most of their crypto investments.

Candlesticks to contracts 

From understanding the meaning of the candlesticks formed while tracking the price of a crypto asset to understanding the importance of a smart contract linked to a blockchain, crypto education for investors helps them make the right decisions around their investments.

Here are some important factors where crypto education comes in handy:

  • Underlying Value Addition

Understanding the underlying technology and the motivation behind every blockchain can help investors make sound decisions in projects they genuinely support. Some crypto assets also come with the benefits of voting for how the blockchain platform will be run and other perks. The value addition drives every blockchain and its corresponding token. Having adequate crypto knowledge becomes essential for crypto investors to make the right calls.

For example, Bitcoin follows a proof-of-work model while Solana follows a proof-of-stake. Polkadot supports interoperability between blockchains, whereas most crypto-assets don’t.

Fundamental knowledge about the core functioning of blockchain platforms will help investors drive their crypto investments in the right direction. 

  • Hidden Charges

Transaction fees, wallet charges, and other fees often end up reducing the overall profit made through crypto trading. Knowing about stop-losses and when to implement it can save an investor’s funds from rapidly depleting when a currency faces a crash. The proper crypto education can also help investors study when a golden cross is formed and how they could leverage it.

Comparing the cryptocurrencies based on important metrics like how many tokens are in circulation, how many have burned, etc, go a long way in building the right portfolio of crypto investments and watching out for the right kind of information to be released.

  • Latest News

Making the right crypto investments depends on several factors, but market sentiment plays a huge role in it too. Following the latest trends and latest news is an essential part of staying ahead of the highly volatile crypto market. The latest news could cover updates, new releases, forking, governance updates, and many more contributing elements.

For example, Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, has seen a lot of similar blockchain platforms trying to take its place. Platforms like Polkadot even rose in prominence because they solved Ethereum’s problems, the largest being the high transactions (gas) fee and speed. However, Ethereum is now coming up with Ethereum 2.0, potentially solving all its prior issues and regaining popularity amongst the masses.

Passive Income

Crypto investments could cover a wide range of instruments that earn passive income. Stable coins lower the risk of volatility, staking coins offer passive income-earning opportunities, interest-bearing tokens, and dividend-earning tokens are also gaining popularity.

Crypto Education for investors helps build a diversified portfolio based on the investor’s risk appetite and based on the results they wish to achieve from their investments.


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