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How ZebPay is fighting scams and frauds

How ZebPay is fighting scams and frauds
How ZebPay is fighting scams and frauds

In light of recent attacks on Twitter as well as UK-based cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa earlier this week, we at ZebPay are undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of our security protocols. As a company, keeping our customers’ crypto safe has always been our top priority. The events of the past week have only served to reinforce this. Please be assured that we are doubling down on our efforts to make sure our platform is well-prepared for the worst-case scenario.

In the past month, we have taken note of a number of fake social media accounts impersonating ZebPay. The most common tactic of such pages is to collect sensitive information from our customers under the pretext of offering new promotions and prizes. We take such cases of fraud extremely seriously and are actively working with law enforcement agencies to stop their proliferation. 

We would also like to make clear that as of July 18, 2020, the referral bonus and crypto-crypto trading fee waivers are the only promotions on offer on our platform. We will list any new trading challenges or other offers on our website,, and promote them widely across all our official social media channels. We also regularly update our social media to warn customers about fake pages and scams that have come to our notice. 

ZebPay will never ask for your personal details and identification on social media. All promotions are done inside our platform. You will not have to click on any outside link to claim your prize or bonus. It will be credited. 

The following are ZebPay’s only official social media channels:






Our security team is working relentlessly to provide you with the safest possible trading experience, because the truth is, we hate to see crypto get a bad name because of the actions of a few selfish individuals. Like for most of our customers, Bitcoin is more than just an investment for us—it’s a mission. We need your support and cooperation to make our dream of bringing crypto to every Indian a reality. Because no one should be afraid of participating in the technology of the future. 



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