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How can blockchain revolutionize seed funding for startups?

With the rise in startups, seed funding has become very competitive to get that “great idea” alive. Blockchain, being globally accessible and decentralized, helps startups raise capital with ease and low cost. Initial coin offerings and other blockchain solutions allow investors and to support startup projects at an early stage. In 2017, ICOs or Initial […]

MakerDAO: Governing Stability in the Crypto Economy

The cryptocurrency economy is characterized by its volatility, with coin prices surging up and down in the blink of an eye. MakerDAO intends to change that, by introducing a new degree of stability to the marketplace. MakerDAO believes that a decentralized stablecoin is required to have anyone fully realize the advantages of digital money. Their […]

Local economies running on digital currency?: A Kenyan village leads the way

In Kenya, a digital currency called Sarafu is helping a community deal with the economic fallout of the coronavirus. A report by Rest of World trailed members of Mukuru Kayaba, an informal settlement close to Nairobi, showing how jobs in the informal economy greatly benefited from the use of digital currencies.