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Altcoin Thursday: Luna

9th December  2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Terra (LUNA) is a blockchain protocol that uses fiat-pegged stablecoins to power price-stable global payments systems. As of September 2021, the network has stablecoins pegged to the U.S. dollar, South Korean won, Mongolian tugrik, and the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket of currencies, and intends to diversify their offerings […]

The rise of Polygon (MATIC)

08 December 2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Polygon, formerly known as Matic, is a systematic and easy-to-use platform designed to scale and grow Ethereum infrastructure. Popularly referred to as the “Ethereum Internet”, it is a blockchain-scale platform that originated in India. It was created to overcome the obstacles of the Ethereum blockchain, namely low transactions per […]

Ethereum Tuesday

07 December  2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk After witnessing a crash over the weekend and hitting lows of $3,436, the asset seems to have recovered pretty well over the past day or so, and currently trades at $4,320. ETH dominance is up, close to 22% as the asset has been overperforming, compared to BTC this year. […]

Bitcoin Monday

06 Dec 2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a significant correction, over the past week falling by approximately 25%, fling to lows of $42,333.  This in turn flipped the sentiment in the marketplace, which means that bears are now in charge. The panic selling came after Evergrande defaulted on yet another loan, and […]

November Month-End Report

03 December 2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk  Bitcoin now faces stiff resistance in the range of $58,000, and then at $60,000. This comes after the asset fell significantly over the last week, from the new all-time high of C$69,000 it set last month. BTC buyers have been quite active during this correction, which came after the […]

Altcoin Thursday: MATIC

2nd December  2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Polygon (MATIC) has witnessed a strong rally, upwards last week, when it surged to $2.13, from $1.78, over a span of just 24-hours. The asset has a market capitalization of $14.8bn and is ranked 15th. It has a circulating supply of 7,021,682,963 MATIC coins and a max. supply of […]

Ethereum’s Competition

01 December 2021| ZebPay Trade-Desk Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two biggest names synonymous to crypto in the world. However, new players are flourishing with the commitment of cheaper transactions, less power consumption, and greater speed. These new players are referred to as altcoins, alternative cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin. Ethereum may be the largest […]

Ethereum Tuesday

30th November  2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Ethereum (ETH) has seen a correction in the past week, after witnessing a short rally and crossing the $4,550 mark, after which it fell by approximately 12% and hit lows of $3,915. This fall has fueled inflows into the asset, as many investors have been on the sidelines over […]

Bitcoin Monday

 29 Nov 2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a significant correction, over the past week falling by approximately 20%, fling to lows of $53,327. BTC options expiry last Friday seems to be the main reason for the fall. However, since then BTC has recovered well and currently trades at $57.500. BTC dominance stands […]

Altcoin Thursday: BNB

25 November  2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk  As Binance continues to increase its project development effort in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, with projects such as Binance DEX, analysts predict that the assets will only continue to appreciate here over the long run. Binance has repeatedly seen volumes break new ground as traders attempt to capitalise […]

Bitcoin Adoption

24 November 2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most popular and largest crypto asset has caught the elevator to rally and is enjoying its first-mover advantage. In some cases, the asset has also become a medium of exchange, apart from being just a store of value. There are now around 15,000 businesses accepting […]

Ethereum Tuesday

23rd November  2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk As Ethereum (ETH) moves closer to the new proof-of-stake (PoS-) powered chain (ETH 2.0), the recent updates to its blockchain are making Ether (ETH) deflationary in nature. The upgrades have caused a  deflationary issuance of ETH, where the burning of a portion of transaction fees has surpassed the issuance […]

Bitcoin Monday

 22 Nov 2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a significant correction, over the past 10 days, falling by over $13k from its ATH of $69k on Nov. 10 to lows of $56K very recently. Surprisingly, however, this hasn’t deterred the community, as inflows continue to be strong, and volumes have held fort. Moreover, […]

Altcoin Thursday: Chiliz (CHZ)

18 Nov  2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Chiliz (CHZ) is the leading digital currency for sports and entertainment, powering the world’s first blockchain-based fan engagement & rewards platform As the exclusive on-platform currency, fans use CHZ to purchase these branded Fan Tokens, which give users influential decision-making power by allowing them to vote on polls […]

The Rise of Polkadot (DOT)

17 November 2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Polkadot is an open-source multi-chain partitioning protocol that offers cross-chain transfer of any type of data or asset, not just tokens, making various blockchains interoperable. This interoperability aims to create a totally decentralized and private web, controlled by its users and to simplify the creation of new applications, institutions, […]

Ethereum Tuesday

16th November  2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Ethereum (ETH) is facing strong overhead resistance, and this signals that bears are attempting to stall the next upward move. Having said that, on-chain metrics remain strong, and volumes have been supportive too. ETH has witnessed a 7% correction in the past 24 hours, and currently, trades are $4,400. […]

Bitcoin Monday

 15 Nov 2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk Bitcoin (BTC) has been fairly range-bound over the weekend, trading in the range of $64,000- $66,000. The asset has a market capitalization of $1.25T, and at current prices, BTC dominance stands at 19.5%. This comes after the bullish sentiment of BTC took a turn when the SEC rejected VanEck’s […]

Weekly Trade Summary Report

12 Nov  2021 | ZebPay Trade-Desk The markets over the past two weeks have been largely in the green, seeing most major assets achieving new ATHs. Volumes across the board have been impressive, and inflows continue to remain good. The overall picture is fairly optimistic, and the bullish stance continues to prevail. Having said that, […]