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The ZebLabs Intern Experience | Arya Shah

Arya Shah is one of our ZebLabs interns, who has spent two months with us working on a variety of research and development projects.

A child is thrown into the swimming pool, struggling desperately to stay afloat. The coach lends him a hand right when he is about to drown, and leaves him to himself again. 

Pretty much just like me trying to stay afloat after being thrown into a pool of programming languages, unknown user interfaces, and a bunch of newly created accounts on open source websites. Not to mention deep diving into the technical side of crypto. 

Bit by bit but at supersonic speed, I try to catch up. Never before have I experienced all parts of my brain functioning at the same time. Switching between the cognitive and the creative parts back and forth, at such a rate that the two parts almost seem to be running simultaneously. 

Working in the R&D department has been challenging and well as thrilling. The department is a perfect fit to my skill set. There is no limit to imagination and application of theory from different subjects. The projects are multi-disciplinary and add value in different ways to the company. Our key objective has been to automate as many processes as possible and gain insights from data. 

Along with the steep learning curve, the experience of being part of the Ohana has been wonderful. Always willing to help us out and contribute to our projects, the ZTeam has given us a very warm welcome and has been so much fun to work with.

Exchanging views and ideas amongst people from different academic and professional backgrounds has been helpful in so many ways. Team spirit is great and the “distributed first” work culture has really proved to everyone how much more productive teamwork is compared to individual work.

Grateful to be interning with the coolest team ever. 


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