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ZebPay’s #MegaCoinWeek

5 days, 5 new tokens!

It’s going to be a big week at ZebPay, and we want you to be prepared. You may have noticed that we’ve started deposits for five different crypto assets today. Starting Monday – we’re going to list five new coins. 

Coming soon: CRV, OXT, SNX, INJ and STORJ!

Perhaps you’d like to invest in Curve DAO’s governance token CRV, which has been a standout performer in 2021. Rather than directly compete in the DeFi market maker space, Curve’s stablecoin-driven model helps it build a niche for itself. 

You can use Curve the same way you use ZebPay – as a platform to exchange different crypto. However, instead of placing the responsibility of running this platform with any individual organisation – Curve has algorithms running the exchange!

Or maybe you’re convinced by Orchid’s decentralized VPN. The Brave browser is one solution to data privacy from traditional browsers. Orchid protocol, on the other hand, introduces a decentralized VPN service that leaves no data trail on our internet browsing. You can use OXT tokens to buy bandwidth from a network of sellers called nodes.

Starting July 14th, you can govern part of the DeFi ecosystem and vote on which new assets will enter the blockchain. Synthetix creates new crypto assets that mimic both real-world assets, like US dollars or Tesla stocks, or other crypto assets like Bitcoin.

As DeFi matures, we’re seeing a greater intersection between traditional and decentralized finance. Synthetix is leading the charge, by introducing blockchain-based derivatives.

Injective and INJ solve the two major problems with most DEXes and DeFi products – slow transactions and high fees. This is because the Injective protocol is interoperable between multiple chains like Cosmos and Ethereum. This essentially reduces the effect of congestion in the ethereum network getting in the way of the DEX’s operations.

And last but not least, STORJ! Storj delivers on the promise of a decentralized cloud storage service. The Atlanta-based startup does not own a single storage disk. Instead, it provides a decentralized experience by crowdsourcing excess capacity from companies and individual people.


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