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What is EOS ?

A coin for decentralized applications based on the WebAssembly standard

  • EOS is a highly scalable blockchain and cryptocurrency which provides an advanced smart contracting platform for developers. EOS uses a delegated proof of stake mechanism to achieve consensus.
  • EOS focuses on being a decentralized operating system which will be able to scale to millions of transactions per second and support industry-scale applications.
  • EOS is being developed by a Cayman Island based private company named and they released the final version of the EOSIO software in June 2018.
  • EOS has the one of widest distribution of coins till date. The funding event lasted more than 341 days and the total number of tokens in the market are 01 billion.
  • EOS will be used to provide bandwidth and storage on the network while is also used to participate in on-chain governance of the blockchain.

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