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What is AGLD?

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Adventure Gold

  • Adventure Gold was built to fund development of the incoming Loot game. As of yet, it has no dedicated developers, and its inherent utility is not fully known. However, if you own a Loot NFT, you have been granted 10,000 AGLD, turning a free NFT into a healthy profit.
  • AGLD can be used to vote on storylines and other governance features for Loot, an NFT project for generating randomized adventure gear stored on-chain.

Why buy AGLD?

  • The ERC-20 token has items listed on the NFTs, which follows a fantasy theme and is similar to the popular games such as World of Warcraft or Dungeons and Dragons.
  • AGLD can also potentially be used for future in-game credits or other projects that build on top of the Loot Project.

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