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What is FARM?

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Harvest Finance - Automate your yield farming

  • Harvest is a decentralized exchange built by an international team of yield farmers. When users deposit their crypto into Harvest, it automatically uses these funds to ensure the highest returns using a custom built algorithm or "farming techniques".
  • Manual yield farming is very expensive because of high gas prices. By automating the process, Harvest has saved over $50 million in gas costs for its users.

Why buy FARM?

  • FARM is Harvest Finance’s cashflow token. When Harvest generates returns, it does so in the form of FARM tokens, which are then used as rewards to the users who have added to the liquidity of the protocol.
  • The FARM pool also receives weekly FARM emissions from the total supply of 690,420 tokens available to ensure its overall value continues to grow.

Getting Started

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