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What is Chingari?

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A monetary and governance token of India’s leading video-sharing platform, Chingari

  • Chingari, a Banglore based video sharing app launched the GARI token in order to enable creators to monetise their content and create a Crypto-Powered Creator Economy.
  • The platform will also create an NFT marketplace to sell and buy videos as NFTs using the GARI token.
  • The development will facilitate awareness of cryptocurrencies on a large scale.

Why buy GARI?

  • GARI has been termed as India’s first-ever crypto token. It is the governance token and will give authority to creators over future platform development.
  • Not just that, creators can monetize their content on the blockchain through the token. Users can also earn GARI tokens by creating videos on the platform.
  • Using this token creators will be able to enjoy participation in the developmental decision. Therefore, taking part in the digital creator economy.

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