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NFT Dazzle

The Dazzle Project

India's First NFT + marketplace

Coming soon to ZebPay.

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ZebPay to launch India’s first non-fungible crypto token (NFT) and marketplace

ZebPay, one of India’s oldest and most widely-used Bitcoin and crypto asset exchange, revealed at its quarterly board meeting a previously secret project to create a nonfungible crypto token. It will be a first for an Indian company.


Rather than a fungible exchange token, ZebPay’s Project Dazzle (the name for a herd of zebras) will generate non-fungible tokens, one-of-a-kind digital collectibles, which will be given out to members through various programs. Like other NFTs including the famous CryptoKitties, each Dazzle token will have unique properties.


They will also confer rewards to the owner, such as lower fees on the ZebPay exchange as well as discounts from partners such as e-commerce retailers, streaming services, food deliveries. Since they are based on smart contracts built on the Ethereum network, Dazzle NFTs will gain new powers over time, giving the owner even more membership benefits. It will also be possible to generate new tokens from pairs of existing ones.


As a new asset type which can benefit investors, artists, gamers, collectors, and creators of any unique and valuable digital content, NFTs like ZebPay’s Dazzle represent a new opportunity for innovation.