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A Beginner's
Guide to Crypto

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What's all the fuss about?

    • Cryptocurrencies have become a major global phenomenon over the past few years. Who hasn’t heard of investors making millions overnight through Bitcoin, and also losing them just as fast.
    • Bitcoin is not just a great (albeit speculative) investment but has also sparked a revolution in the financial industry by providing us with a whole new way of transacting money. If you’re looking to get a slice of the crypto pie but don’t know where to start, grab a copy of our free e-book to learn all the basic tools you’ll need to navigate through the crypto world and begin investing today.

Background &
Historical Context

Learn all about the history and context that brought about the conception of Bitcoin and various altcoins thereafter. Get your head around the basics of cryptography and blockchain technology that make cryptos secure.

Major players
in the market

Wondering how to wade through the vast sea of cryptos out there? Familiarise yourself with all the major cryptos in the market and understand the benefits of investing in crypto today.

Tips & Tricks to kick
start your journey

Understand the dos and don’ts of investing in cryptos and how you can make your experience as safe as possible.

What does the free E-book Include

  • Pick the right exchange
  • All about altcoins
  • How to stay safe
  • Why invest…and Why not to invest
  • A beginner’s checklist to investing
  • A brief history of bitcoin
  • How blockchain functions