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PUSH for ZebPay Challenge


Yes, you heard it right!


78,930 PUSH tokens are up for grabs and the bragging rights of course.


ZebPay is here with a series of contests and trading challenges for you to win huge rewards.

Are you a social media wizard?

Well, we have all sorts of magic beans for you!


Here is a sneak peek –

Rockstar NFT Contest - Contest ended
#ZebPay + $PUSH Quiz #Contest - Contest ended

Put on your thinking hats to participate in the #ZebPay + $PUSH Quiz #Contest & win up to 800 $PUSH tokens.


We have a series of two quiz competitions where 40 people can win 20 PUSH tokens each.One quiz contest each will be made live on ZebPay and EPNS twitter handle,  participate on both the handles and stand a chance to win amazing rewards.


All you have to do is answer the questions, RT and follow ZebPay & EPNS.

Use #PUSH4ZebPay along with your entries.

Tag your friends to increase your chances of winning.


You must have a  ZebPay registered account to be eligible for participation.

Rockstar NFT is an NFT collection $ROCKSTARS of EPNS.


The collection is a series of 100 illustrations by commissioned Indian artists.


ZebPay and EPNS are all set to give a special NFT to one of you.


How to claim it?

Just let your creativity kick in. 


Participate here – https://twitter.com/epnsproject/status/1445058395497648129

The winner goes home with $ROCKSTAR NFT + 2400 $PUSH (~$6,500) and 10 top shortlisted entries win Goodies from ZebPay 🎁


ZebPay ❤️ EPNS ROCKSTAR NFT Competitions Rules👇


  • Follow EPNS and ZebPay and RT the contest tweet 
  • Include EPNS and ZebPay elements in your submission.
  • Get creative!!! create memes, infographics, videos, photos, reviews or anything cool or crazy and submit by replying to the tweet.
  • Reply to the tweet with #PUSH4ZebPay and your creative to qualify for the competition.
  • Contest ends on Saturday, 9th Oct at 5PM UTC.
  • Top 4 entries will be shortlisted by ZebPay. Shortlisted entries will be submitted for voting via EPNS Governance to select the final winner.
  • Note that the ZebPay goodies are limited to India area only.


More information:


Keep an eye out for many more fun giveaways coming your way:
  • Meme contest
  • Learn & Earn
  • Love it Reel it
  • A fun AMA session 
  • Many more.

Follow our social media handles for many more  impromptu challenges running and coming up.

Twitter – https://bit.ly/3bpYJgA

Instagram – https://bit.ly/3D6z8oO

Facebook – https://bit.ly/3decr8k

Trading challenges - To be announced soon!

Put on your trading caps and get ready. 


We are soon coming with a PUSH volume challenge and pool challenge where all of you stand a chance to win.


Stay tuned for details.

Want to know more about PUSH & ZebPay :

Get prepared to join us for Block Chai with Rahul and the EPNS team.

How can I participate in the Challenges?

All you need to do is have a ZebPay registered account to be eligible for participation.

If you complete KYC verification during the Challenge you will also become automatically eligible. 


This prize will be yours in addition to any prize money you win in any other promotions we run during this period. That’s right: you can win multiple prizes.


Note : ZebPay employees are not eligible for participation.

Terms & Conditions of ZebPay’s EPNS promotions


  1. Rewards​: The rewards of the Program are non-transferable, non-negotiable, and final. ZebPay reserves the right to change or substitute the rewards in any manner and /or at any time, in any manner of its choosing and reserves the right to withhold the rewards, at its sole discretion, and shall not be liable to any party/person in any manner whatsoever regarding the same. The rewards shall be distributed to the  Participant’s ZebPay account and shall be governed by ZebPay’s Policies.
  2. Release; No Warranties​: Each Participant hereby releases and discharges ZebPay from any and all claims, damages, losses (whether perceived or actual) and/or cause of action, known or unknown, arising from or relating to the rewards and/or their participation in the Program. ZebPay does not provide any warranties of any kind to the Participant with respect to the Program. ZebPay hereby disclaims any and all representations and warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement in relation to the Program.
  3. Disqualification: ZebPay reserves the right to disqualify any Participant at any time on the grounds of unfair trading practices, including but not limited to distorting reported trade volumes by collusion or any other unfair means, disseminating false information, as well as any breach of any terms herein, and/or breach of any terms of the ZebPay policies available at its website https://zebpay.com/in/ and the ZebPay app (all at Zebpay’s sole discretion).
  4. Promotional Event​s: The Participant acknowledges that the Program is only an event for promoting trading on ZebPay’s India platform, including the ZebPay app, and participation in the Program is completely voluntary. The Program is only a promotional event and does not constitute an offer from ZebPay. Participation does not confer any rights or privileges, whether contractual or otherwise, on the Participant. It is clarified that a Participant’s participation in the Program does not constitute an acceptance, nor in any way does participation in the Program constitute a legally binding contract. ZebPay at its own discretion reserves the full right to withdraw and/or alter any of these terms and conditions at any time, with or without prior notice.
  5. Taxes: The rewards contemplated hereunder shall be inclusive of any and all taxes. ZebPay shall not be responsible for any tax liability on the Participants that may be imposed on the rewards to winners under applicable law. The Participant shall bear all responsibility for payments of all taxes towards such Participant’s rewards. ZebPay in no manner shall provide any tax guidance or advice on this matter to any Participant and the Participants may engage independent consultants/advisors to seek any advice in this regard in their sole discretion. If required by applicable law, ZebPay shall credit the rewards to the eligible Participants after tax deduction at source.
  6. Dispute​: In the event of any dispute regarding these terms and conditions, rules, conduct, results and all other matters relating to the Program, ZebPay’s decision shall be final and binding.
  7. Disclaimer:
    a) Trading in cryptographic assets is subject to market, technical and legal risks. Prices of cryptographic assets on the ZebPay platform may differ from other exchanges due to local demand and supply. Please note that ZebPay does not regulate the prices of cryptographic assets. ZebPay doesn’t guarantee any returns or profits by trading in cryptographic assets. Participants shall use ZebPay’s services to participate in the Program or to trade in the crypto/ cryptographic assets at their own risk and discretion.
    b) Notwithstanding anything contrary contained herein, ZebPay reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Program at any point of time without serving any notice whatsoever to anyone.
    c) To the extent not prohibited by applicable law, ZebPay shall have no liability whatsoever to the Participants and/or any third party, whether for breach or in tort. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ZebPay shall not be liable to the Participants and/or any third parties for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damage in connection with or arising out of the Program, however it arises, whether for breach or in tort, even if the Participant and/or third party has been previously advised of the possibility of such damages.

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