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Invest in crypto with ZebPay to maximise your returns

  • Trade in 50+ crypto assets.
  • Earn up to 6%** annual returns on your crypto just for hodling.
  • Lend your crypto to ZebPay and get up to 12%** additional returns.

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Diversify your savings & investment

Only 21 million bitcoins will ever be minted. Add small amounts to your portfolio starting with as little as ₹100 at a time.

Potential higher returns

Bitcoin has outperformed stocks, gold, and real estate in the last decade. It has become part of any 21st century portfolio.

Easy as online shopping

Download the app, upload a couple documents, connect your bank, and in 5 minutes you’re ready. Start with just Rs.100.

It’s 100% legal

Bitcoin and crypto assets have never been illegal in India and are 100% legal now.In 2018, the RBI asked banks to stop working with crypto firms. In 2020, the Supreme Court of India overruled the RBI. In 2021, the Finance Ministry said India will regulate crypto using a “calibrated” approach.

Think Crypto. Think ZebPay.

ZebPay - the best way to
get started with crypto!


Complete KYC

Add your bank

Deposit rupees

Buy bitcoin!


Complete KYC

Add your bank

Deposit rupees

Buy bitcoin!

Stuff people think is true about Bitcoin,
(But isn’t)

Cryptocurrency does not have real value:

Cryptocurrencies work the same way as money does, with the value being decided by the people using it. The only difference is while money can be physically seen or stored, crypto assets are digital.

They are easy to hack:

Cryptocurrency is traded and stored on a blockchain. This technology makes it nearly impossible to hack due to its immutable nature (i.e. transactions are permanent and transparent). Unlike a peer-to-peer network, blockchains cannot be hacked by one person with a laptop.

Cryptocurrency is a scam:

People have been investing and trading with cryptocurrencies since 2008. One must take time and effort to research the investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space before investing.