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Waiting for your favorite batsman to score a century? Pehle aap! 

Score a new financial opportunity by starting your Bitcoin Savings Plan with just ₹100 a week on ZebPay, India’s oldest and most widely-used bitcoin exchange. It’s like a mutual fund SIP, but with bitcoin.

Yes! You can buy small amounts of bitcoin. Even ₹100 of bitcoin at a time. You don’t have to be rich to own a bit of bitcoin.

And yes, bitcoin and digital assets are perfectly legal in India. They always have been. We have faith in the government of India and its pro-growth economic policies. Since 2014, ZebPay has been working for healthy regulations that protect the people.

ZebPay is on a mission to make Bitcoin simple and secure for everyone. Read more or install the app now and get started!

Buying bitcoin is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download the ZebPay app
  2. Complete your KYC:
    All you need is 2 minutes to upload 2 photos
  3. Register your bank account and deposit your rupees

ZebPay: India's first and most-loved
Bitcoin की दुकान

A recent survey showed that 2/3 of all Indians who ever bought bitcoin,  bought their first bitcoin on ZebPay.

We’re grateful and humbled to be the पहला प्यार of the Indian crypto community. Over 30 lakh users have installed the ZebPay app. We have processed over $3 billion in transactions.

Since 2014, we have kept our customers safe from hackers, fraudsters, and money-launderers. We’ve worked with law enforcement on investigations and education. We’ve been a leader in self-regulation.

In 2020 a new leadership is transforming ZebPay into a social enterprise using the power of blockchain, Bitcoin, and crypto assets to help fight poverty and increase financial inclusion and opportunity. By investing with us, you’re joining in our mission.

What is this Bitcoin and
why are people making such a fuss?

Bitcoin was invented in 2009 as a new way to store value or send payments securely from one person to another without fraud, corruption, or having to go through a third party. 

Think of Bitcoin like digital gold. It isn’t created by a government. It is not a national currency or legal tender. But like gold, it holds its value over time. 

The software behind Bitcoin (which is free and open source) protects it from inflation. Currencies like the rupee or dollar can be inflated when the government prints more money. Inflation is one cause of the ups and downs of the economy. But no one can “print” extra bitcoins and lower their value.

In fact, the creator of Bitcoin designed it to be an engine to fight poverty and the inflation and corruption that cause inequality. The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin guarantees transparency and accountability.

Bitcoin’s price is volatile (making big up and down moves) because it is new. But in 10 years it has gone from a few rupees to over 8 lakhs today. There is real value in blockchain technology and Bitcoin. That’s why over 5 million Indians and 3 million ZebPay customers have already started their Bitcoin journey.

Will you be next?


How has Bitcoin performed
as an investment so far?

If you had started 5 years ago, buying 100 rupees of bitcoin a week, your Rs 26,000 would now be worth over a lakh. That sounds great, but make sure you understand…

Just because Bitcoin went up so much in the last 5 years doesn’t mean Bitcoin will do the same thing in the next 5 years. All investments involve risk. Most companies put this disclaimer in tiny letters at the bottom. We’re putting it here in bold because we respect you.

Here’s what a Rs. 10,000 investment would have been worth on 31st March 2020 if you had invested and stayed invested for 1, 3, and 5 years in stocks, fixed deposit, gold, Bitcoin, or the crypto asset Ethereum. 

Use your spare change
to change your future


So what’s a safer way to start your Bitcoin Savings Plan? We don’t suggest taking money from your savings or investments to buy bitcoin, at least not until you’ve gained experience.  ZebPay’s strong message to our members is: Don’t take unnecessary risks with your hard-earned money.

But what if you just put some of your spare cash into bitcoin? Money that you would spend on unnecessary or even harmful things?

For example, if you smoke, you could put your cigarette money into bitcoin and  gain both health and wealth.

Instead of going to temporary pleasures now, your spare cash can help you be part of the digital economy of the future. Don’t be left out.

Your ZebPay Bitcoin Savings Plan of ₹100 a week (or ₹1000 or whatever you decide) can help you on your road to financial freedom.

And by buying small amounts of bitcoin regularly over time, using money that you don’t need for essential expenses, you will protect your financial security now and in the future.

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