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What is the Lightning?

With Lightning, the future of transactions is here. This new protocol built on top of Bitcoin allows Lightning-fast micropayments without worrying about confirmation times. It opens up instant, cheap, peer-to-peer Bitcoin payments that aren’t possible anywhere in the current financial system.

What can I buy?

You can buy virtually anything. Just identify the store, copy and paste the invoice of the product or service you would like to avail from within your ZebPay account and hit send! Watch your Bitcoin payment shoot across the mainnet in milliseconds.

Can I see how it works?

Of course! Use the demo link to experience Lightning on the Bitcoin Testnet to get an idea of how fast Lightning works. Or make an actual Lightning payment to select stores (funded by us!), by registering now.

Lightning Demo FAQs

  • Is there a limit to the amount of crypto I can send?

    For the purposes of trying an actual Lightning payment, we’re allowing users to spend a maximum of 1500 Satoshis per transaction, per user.

  • Where can I spend these Satoshis?

    Once you register with ZebPay, you can spend the Satoshis only on select stores identified by ZebPay.

  • Do I have to pay for the transactions?

    No, these are actual payments funded by us. The purpose is to allow users to try and get a feel of how lightning transactions work.

  • Why do I have to register with ZebPay to try an actual Lightning payment?

    Since we are funding the transactions, users are required to register to prevent misuse of the program.

  • What charges will I have to pay for the Lightning transaction?

    There are no charges to pay for using Lightning via ZebPay #setcryptofree.