Understanding Memecoins: What Are They?


A meme coin is a crypto token that is inspired by an internet-based meme; this could be a video, an image, or a gif. It differs from standard crypto tokens in that they serve no purpose other than being shared. They are very volatile as they usually have no supply cap, making them attractive to crypto traders. Barring this, they are similar to standard crypto tokens and can be traded on exchanges.

Meme coins were designed to be a fun alternative to traditional crypto tokens, and popular ones like Dogecoin were created to mock the crypto hype. Creators have evolved their use cases and purpose, leading to meme tokens for marketplaces, games, and others. Additionally, few big companies are now accepting meme coins as payment, with more expected to follow soon. This article will help you understand the benefits and limitations of meme coins and if they are viable investments.

What is the Value of Meme Coins?

Meme coins derive value from supply demand dynamics and community activities, unlike Bitcoin which has fundamentally sound economic value. Popular crypto tokens like Dogecoin, Dogelon Mars, and Shiba Inu are the only meme coins that achieve more than $1 million daily trading volume. However, all are generally considered volatile and risky crypto assets. They do not offer any additional uses beyond trading and collecting. Few meme coins also use other blockchains for their operations, such as Shiba Inu, an ERC-20 token on Ethereum.

Memecoin Payment Options: Availability and Adoption

Meme coins must experience wider utilization and adoption to make their way into mainstream payment systems. This would include promoting it as a new payment method for products and services. In the future, new payment platforms might instantly convert meme coins into fiat currency at the point of sale. Potential risks can be managed by introducing effective regulation. Currently, there is limited availability of them as a method of payment, leading to low adoption rates. There is a possibility of seeing more meme coin-related use cases in the future.

Benefits and Limitations of Using Memecoins


High Return Potential

They may generate high returns for you, especially if you invest early and sell at a higher price when they experience high demand.

Community-Driven Projects

They often have passionate communities, so there can be a lot of activities and connections involved in owning them.

Retail Investors

They are accessible to retail investors; normal users can buy them. They lower the barrier to entry in the crypto market, as anyone can trade with relatively low investments.


High Risk

They are high-risk assets because their prices can be highly volatile. Their value often swings rapidly, especially in response to social media events. You can experience significant losses if you do not sell them at the right time.

Lack of Regulation

Similar to other crypto assets, they are largely unregulated. You do not have the same level of support and protection compared to traditional assets.

Low Adoption

They have low adoption rates and limited availability as a payment method, limiting their value.

No-Use Cases

They have limited use beyond their cultural appeal, meaning their prices can be driven by social media hype.

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Memecoins vs. Traditional Currencies

Meme coins have several advantages over traditional currencies, but their volatility and limited availability make them hard to adopt widely. It is difficult to predict if they will be used as a medium of exchange because their technology and underlying infrastructure continue to evolve. Decentralization is one of the advantages they have over traditional currencies. They are not controlled by a single entity, and there is no need for intermediaries to facilitate transactions. They have the potential to become an effective medium of exchange due to improvements in transaction speed and low fees. They experience wild price swings and are a volatile store of value, a significant drawback compared to stable traditional currencies. This makes it hard to use them as a form of payment.

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Memecoin Volatility and Stability

Meme coins are vulnerable to market manipulation and high volatility due to their hype factor and lack of regulation. Their volatility is a concern, as they can experience sudden, erratic price swings. As a result, their adoption as a trustworthy store of value or medium of exchange is difficult. These risks can be mitigated with effective regulations, improving security, and maintaining stability as a medium of exchange. However, overregulation can obstruct the development of its ecosystem. They must be made safe through an effective legal structure and maintain stability over the long term to be considered a viable medium of exchange.

Are Meme Coins a Viable Currency Option?

The decentralization aspect of meme coins gives users greater control over their assets. They use blockchain technology to ensure transactions are recorded on a decentralized ledger securely. However, they lack regulatory oversight, increasing the risks associated with them. Thus, they pose a challenge to being considered a viable currency option. Additionally, they are not a valuable store of value, making it a difficult payment method. 

Final Thoughts

Meme coins are crypto tokens inspired by cultural phenomena or internet memes. They are highly volatile and come with high risks, which offers the potential for a high return for crypto investors. They can be traded on crypto exchanges, and their value is based on supply and demand in the market. While they offer the potential for high returns, they also come with significant risks, and you should do your due diligence before investing in them.

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