How does the Ankr network work?

The Ankr network is a shared cloud-computing service provider that uses idle processing power. This power comes from underutilized cloud-computation hardware all around the world.  It democratizes computing power to those who need computing power.

What is the Ankr network?

It is a shared cloud-computing service provider driven by idle processing power. The Ankr network aims to make the global cloud infrastructure more accessible. In doing so, it seeks to compete with traditional players like Amazon Web Services, Heroku etc. Therefore, Ankr offers a distributed cloud computing platform for its users. It uses underutilized cloud computing power from service providers. Then, Ankr rents it out to users who need computing power in a decentralized manner. The venture has proven to be a low-cost and eco-friendly as it provides efficiency to service providers.

How does it work?

The Ankr network uses two main environments. First, it uses cloud native environments to create applications that exploit the advantages of cloud computing delivery systems. Using cloud-native environments, Ankr structures teams and technology to optimize efficiency. It also helps in managing complexity and speed using architectures. Secondly, it uses container-based environments. Such environments package software and its moving parts in an isolated unit for usage on a node. Therefore, it requires no external dependencies from the network. Using these two, Ankr builds its resource allocation algorithm to fit with different infrastructures.

Additionally, Ankr offers a distributed cloud computing network (DCCN) platform. This implies that the developers and operators do not directly interact with infrastructure providers’ API’s. Instead, they operate using a local program that handles resource allocation automatically. Clusters are then formed by grouping together the infrastructure providers. Ankr hub is used to manage these clusters. Ankr hub is a specialized cluster that serves as a node to relay the computing tasks to other clusters. 

The Ankr network is divided into four layers: Core, Relay, Access and Micro-node layer. The Core layer is responsible for maintaining the service quality of bandwidth, computation, and storing. The Relay layer enables users to earn ANKR rewards based on proof of a network contribution. It also helps by adding new layers on the network. The Access Layer contains data on center, computing and mining nodes. It also controls illegal node access. Lastly, the Micro-node layer contains device nodes and transaction hashes. 

The ANKR token 

The ANKR token is Ankr network’s native token. This is an Ethereum token that powers the Ankr network. You can earn an ANKR token by acting as a cloud computing provider by using your unused computing power from your devices and data centers. ANKR tokens can also be used to buy services such as node development and API services. Additionally, you can participate in the on-chain governance of the Ankr network. It also acts as insurance for network participants. 

The Ankr network has set itself to change the market for cloud computing. It helps in removing the existing underutilization of computation hardware resources. Using Ankr cloud computing companies can maximize their profits by minimizing the wastage of resources.

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