What Is Basic Attention Token?


The intrusive practice of targeted advertising monitors your online activities. Recording your likes, dislikes, and personal information risks your data. Most people also tune out as soon as the commercials play, making it highly inefficient.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a ground-breaking method of advertising that corrects the flaws in conventional advertising. BAT develops a more effective and transparent process for purchasing and selling advertising space with the blockchain. While operating more quickly than current advertising, this technology uses less battery and internet.

What is the BAT Token?

The decentralised, open-source Basic Attention Token (BAT) digital advertising ecosystem is built on the Ethereum network. Data security, data ownership, and consumer benefit are some of the topics the project addresses concerning internet advertising. It aims to establish an honest, transparent, and equitable system. With the help of BAT, advertisers will be able to target users directly and reward them with tokens for their attention.

BAT employs a blockchain-based system that enables users to choose to opt into anonymous ad targeting, in contrast to traditional advertising systems that rely on personal data to target ads. Users can select to view adverts that are pertinent to them without having their personal information shared with advertisers as a result. BAT puts your privacy first and gives you back ownership of your own data. 

What is The Brave Browser?

What is the Brave Browser?

Brave browser is a privacy-focused web browser that aims to provide its users with a better advertising experience. The browser blocks trackers and ads across the web, while also not collecting your browsing data. 

Another stand-out feature of the Brave browser is “Brave Rewards”. If you sign up for this program, you will receive advertisements. However, instead of being taken advantage of by publishers and other intermediaries, you can now monetize your attention. For each ad you view, you earn crypto rewards in the form of BAT.

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How Does BAT Token Work?

The Ethereum blockchain provides the foundation for the Basic Attention Token. Its creators have teamed up with the Brave browser to execute their brand-new method of advertising. An attention-measuring system called Basic Attention Metric (BAM) has been implemented by Brave. It distributes money using an anonymous ledger system.

BAT uses this ledger system to validate all transactions. The new advertising system is available for users of the Brave browser to opt into. Through this, users can gain rewards for watching advertising on the platform. The reward’s worth will be determined using the metric.

How to Use Basic Attention Token? 

There are many opportunities for seamless use as the payments are done in the form of tokens. The first is giving them to publishers and other content producers as donations. This might even include offering premium content to people who donate. On the Brave platform, these tokens may also be used to purchase digital products like data services.

What is BAT Token Used For?


Both advertisers and individuals can use BAT. If you wish to advertise on the Brave browser 

platform, you must purchase ad space with BAT tokens, not USD or another fiat currency. In this case, the advertiser is providing the tokens that will be distributed to those who view their advertisements. 

Users who opt into BAT rewards are also part of this advertising ecosystem. They receive tokens for every ad they watch, based on their time and attention spent. 


Showing appreciation for your favourite content creators is made easier with BAT. You can use your tokens to tip people on the internet like Twitch streamers, Youtubers or Twitter users. This fosters a passionate community of users and creators, which allows better content to be made. 

Special Access

BAT can also enable creators to make exclusive content for users who tip or pay them. Free and paid content can thus coexist within a seamless ecosystem. This also allows creators to give back to their community by creating special content for those that support them. 

How To Earn BAT Rewards?

The first step is to download the Brave browser. You can then click on the triangle next to the search bar to sign up for Brave rewards. You can now begin earning BAT tokens just for viewing advertisements. 

The advertisements take the form of background images, push notifications or cards in your news feed. They are not included as part of videos or pop-ups, making the experience seamless and unintrusive. 

BAT Token Future

BAT’s unique value proposition and the stellar team behind it ensure the basic attention token future will be promising. BAT has revolutionized online advertising and its passionate user base is not likely to leave. As long as Brave and BAT continue to innovate together, they will have a place in the Web3 advertising ecosystem of tomorrow.

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