What is Coin98 (C98)?

Ever since the inception of crypto assets, we have seen a lot of innovative concepts that will forge the future of this world. For example, decentralised finance, web3, metaverse and so on. Among these, decentralized finance (DeFi) can be a real game-changer as it has the potential to change how finance is done in the world. With dozens of projects serving various purposes, DeFi has a plethora of financial applications. Owing to these applications, Investors have started paying attention to blockchain-enabled financial activities such as staking, borrowing, lending, swapping etc in order to gain profits. 

But, What’s the problem? 

All these features (staking, swapping etc) are offered by multiple blockchains that have different ecosystems. Unfortunately, in order to access these features users often have to switch between currencies and ecosystems. This makes, using these features quite lengthy, inconvenient, and cumbersome. As such, interoperability between chains is an issue that requires attention. Not just that, if DeFi aims to go mainstream then these features will have to be more accessible. Luckily for us, there are plenty of projects that are working on making the DeFi space more accessible and interoperable. One of them is Coin98 (C98) which aims to become the all-in-one DeFi solution. Let’s understand how it works and what it has to offer!

So, What is Coin98?

Coin98 is a blockchain platform that aims to aggregate the DeFi services and make them more accessible to new users. It has grown into a one-stop shop for a wide range of decentralised finance products such as cross-chain swaps, staking, lending, borrowing, yield farming, you name it! Coin98 operates as a protocol on the Binance Launchpad. Its platform works with over 50 blockchains (such as Polygon, PancakeSwap, Avalanche etc) to support multiple DeFi options and to provide interoperability between ecosystems. In order to achieve this, Coin98 pulls liquidity from various decentralised exchanges. This enables the platform to offer these DeFi features even across chains. This enables users to get the best prices when swapping tokens or optimise gas fees by exploring multiple “paths” to making a transaction. 

How does Coin98 work? 

In order to achieve its goal, Coin98 aims to keep the larger vision of decentralised finance alive and help it thrive. Currently, due to competition in the blockchain space, the larger ecosystem remains fragmented. This has made it complex for users to get used to a number of solutions and concepts. As such, Coin98 has created an ecosystem of three verticals to empower, acquaint and inform users regarding DeFi. Moreover, these three verticals also enable the continued growth and development of the ecosystem. The three verticals are:

  • Coin98 Labs: It is the development arm of Coin98 which was established to fulfil the untapped demand and enhance in-demand utilities in the DeFi space. Coin98 Labs has created an ecosystem of DeFi products and decentralised applications across multiple blockchains. For instance, the multi-chain wallet, exchanges, cross-chain bridges etc.  
  • Coin98 Ventures: It is the investment arm of Coin98. It works both as an accelerator and incubator for new DeFi projects. It helps developers to raise funds and bootstrap projects across several blockchain platforms. In addition to that, it provides resources, industry connections and support to early investors. 
  • Coin98 Network: This is the research, networking, and analytics arm of Coin98. This wing shares the most important updates, insights, etc in blockchain, crypto and DeFi along with the best market overview and technical analysis for traders. 

C98 token: a snapshot 

The C98 token is the native token of the Coin98 network. The token currently resides on multiple different blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Solana. The token is the backbone of the Coin98 ecosystem. To begin with, it allows token holders to earn a portion of the transaction fees and to get discounts on select products and services on the network. In addition to that, holders can also stake the token and earn rewards. The C98 token is treated as a tradable asset and can be used as leverage for investments by investors. Moreover, the token enables users to govern the protocol indirectly via proposals that are used to improve its ecosystem.

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Coin98 is a project that is trying to do two things: generate demand for DeFi products and create an all-in-one DeFi shop. It fetches liquidity from multiple DeFi protocols and aggregates the features for users to access with ease. As such, it boasts a diverse range of DeFi services for meeting lending, borrowing and liquidity needs. The C98 token is the backbone of this ecosystem and is treated as a tradable asset. It can be used for governance, staking, transaction fees, and rewards on the platform. You can now buy the C98 token on Zebpay’s crypto exchange platform now!

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