How Can I Buy 1 Bitcoin (BTC)?


In recent years, a key goal for most crypto investors has been to accumulate one Bitcoin. This landmark number is usually seen as a key to financial freedom in the crypto space. Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has undergone remarkable growth, with its value surging by more than 30,000% from October 2013 to early Jan 2024. Some analysts suggest that Bitcoin’s value may continue to rise as crypto, and the underlying blockchain technology can become an integral part of our daily lives.

Bitcoin’s scarcity, capped at 21 million coins, positions itself as a sought-after asset, attracting investors seeking alternatives to traditional investments. The increasing interest from major financial institutions and corporations has added credibility to Bitcoin, further fueling investor enthusiasm. However, each investor needs to exercise caution and invest based on one’s own financial goals after thorough self-due diligence.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to start your Bitcoin investing journey is through ZebPay. ZebPay is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the world, and we have been actively shaping the crypto landscape in India since 2014. Purchasing Bitcoin on ZebPay is more simple now than ever. More details about the buying process is mentioned further below in the blog.

Understanding the Bitcoin Unit

Bitcoin (BTC) adopts a unit naming convention that closely mirrors the metric system for most of its denominations. However, the smallest Bitcoin unit is called a satoshi, named after the pseudonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. BTC can be subdivided into eight decimal places. Preserving these eight decimal places is crucial as the value of BTC appreciates, ensuring its continued effectiveness as a medium of exchange. The finely detailed breakdown of BTC units, including the satoshi, is instrumental in maintaining its viability as an asset.

Process of Buying a Whole Bitcoin

For those interested in investing in Bitcoin on ZebPay, the following steps can be followed:

  • Download the ZebPay App from the Android Play store or the Apple App store
  • Complete your KYC and Bank verification process
  • Transfer the INR amount needed for making your investment. You can transfer using NEFT/IMPS or RTGS.
  • Open the Quick Trade or the Exchange Panels on your ZebPay Application and make your purchase
  • You can also Explore CryptoPacks with Bitcoin and invest as you wish

Cost and Timing Considerations for Bitcoin

At the current time of writing, the price of 1 Bitcoin stands at approximately $39,700. While volatility is inherent to the financial markets, it should not scare an investor who is willing to put in the time and effort to understand the markets. Volatility can also be seen as an opportunity to accumulate assets at the right time. While it is nearly impossible to time the market perfectly, one can consider accumulating Bitcoin when the price is moving downward or consolidating. These market movements must be considered in conjunction with other fundamental, personal risk tolerance and macroeconomic factors.

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Security and Wallet Options

Security and Wallet Options

Various methods exist for storing crypto, each presenting considerations related to risk, usability, and security. However, we will discuss two widely used methods by investors for storing Crypto. The first method is to store your crypto on an exchange like ZebPay. ZebPay’s security systems have been battle-tested over time and are incredibly reliable. Close to 95% of our assets are stored in cold wallets to enhance user safety. This method is suitable for investors who want to make regular purchases or for those who want to trade.

The second method is self-custody, where a user stores Bitcoin in an online or cold wallet. This involves taking complete ownership of your assets. This method is much more suitable for investors who buy once and would like to keep their Bitcoin for an extended period ( This time should be defined by each investor but long-term usually means more than 2 years).

Bitcoin Long-Term Perspectives

Once you acquire Bitcoin, there are several strategies to consider, such as engaging in short-term trading, day trading, or opting for long-term holding. While short-term trading has the potential for profitability, it demands continuous monitoring, technical analysis, and a high-risk tolerance. Conversely, holding Bitcoin for an extended period provides a more passive and strategic approach to wealth accumulation. Long-term holdings of Bitcoin present the opportunity for significant price appreciation, implying that the value of Bitcoin could increase substantially over time.

By retaining your Bitcoin investment for an extended period, you may capitalize on potential future price increases driven by growing demand and adoption. As more individuals acknowledge the value and utility of Bitcoin, heightened demand can lead to a spike in its price. Therefore, if you have confidence in the long-term potential of Bitcoin, maintaining your investment could yield substantial gains for your portfolio.

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Purchasing one Bitcoin is straightforward through ZebPay. Holding Bitcoin for an extended period offers numerous benefits, including the potential for substantial price growth and acting as a safeguard against inflation. Long-term Bitcoin holdings also enable diversification of your investment portfolio and act as a reliable store of value. With its accessibility, decentralized nature, and the prospect of future widespread adoption, Bitcoin represents a strategic method for building long-term wealth in the crypto domain.

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