With the Rapid Changes in Climate, There’s Never Been a Better Time to Upgrade to Plugin Blockchain Technology

As crypto enthusiasts, we have often associated crypto with technology, finance, NFTs, decentralisation, etc. However, are you cognizant of the fact that blockchain networks are contributing towards improving the climate change situation?

In this article, we will explore how Plugin’s blockchain technology helps address the rising issue of climate change. Plugin’s blockchain employs technology that is different from regular weather data providers. It not only predicts the weather from a macro perspective (continent, state) but also gives accurate weather updates to the tiniest parts of the world, such as provinces, villages, etc.

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Such detailed information on the weather is proving to be a game-changer in helping industries such as agriculture, aviation, and logistics that are grappling with the changes in climate change.

However, before we proceed, let us shed some light on the adverse impact of climate change on several industries.

Industries Struggling Because of Climate Change

Globally, the agricultural industry is valued at trillions of dollars. The industry is currently highly vulnerable to changes in climate conditions. Consistent rises in temperature are affecting the yield of crops. Farmers and traders are not able to make projections regarding production because of climate change.

Naturally, crop insurance companies also face significant losses due to uncertain climate changes. Similarly, the revenue loss for major aviation industries that delay flights due to unpredictable weather conditions such as excessive rain, hailstorm, and heatwaves, could be completely avoided if they had key insights on climate.

Likewise, there are many industries that are facing the brunt of climate change. However, Plugin’s blockchain has found a solution that can help industries deal with climate change.

How Can Industries Tackle Climate Change Problem with Plugin’s Technology

Companies that struggle with climate change rely on weather intelligence.  Since this data is aggregated from several satellites, such information regarding weather updates is only efficient for providing weather insights at a broader (country or continent) level.

However, since climate change has made the weather conditions erratic and unpredictable, if businesses had key information on the weather in specific locations and pin codes, it would help them grapple with climate change more efficiently.

For example, if a farmer knew about weather updates in specific villages of a city, then his strategy for sowing and reaping can be different. Such technology would help them adapt to climate change efficiently.

Simultaneously, there are several use-cases of industries that can take help from improved weather updates to help tackle climate change problems. Let us talk about the contributions that Plugin’s blockchain is making.

Plugin’s Blockchain Contribution to Industries in Adapting To Climate Change

Plugin is a decentralised weather data platform that was built by Oracle on the XDC network. One of the most efficient ways of collecting data is through hyperlocal sensors and satellites. Even though satellites give accurate predictions regarding weather, they don’t provide information about specific locations. That’s where data from hyperlocal sensors come into the picture.

Plugin’s blockchain collects and processes data through one of the many hyperlocal sensors that are placed across the world. The data collected from several hyperlocal sensor nodes is transferred into a data lake. One can set up more of these nodes and increase the scale of data.

Within the data lake, all the information regarding weather is stored with their specific longitudinal and latitudinal tags. This feature gives a codename effect to the data stored in the data lake and differentiates one from another.

This information is then cryptographically signed and uploaded on Plugin’s blockchain; therefore, any person who needs access to the data can obtain it by putting in the provenance details.

Plugin’s blockchain encourages data providers by rewarding them for providing weather data. Plugin’s blockchain also conducts regular checks to verify the quality of data submitted.

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How Can Industries Access Plugin Blockchain

The Plugin data lake acts as a reservoir of data for users who can use decentralised applications such as UI to get real-time data from several nodes placed across the world. For a user, one has to simply select the country, state and city to get a detailed weather update.

The data on many of these Plugin’s nodes can be transferred to a blockchain using smart contracts.

Key Takeaways

Currently, Plugin’s blockchain is available to community members; however, going forward, it will be available to all industries. The impact that Plugin’s blockchain will create is beyond measurement.

From industries to specific individuals, whoever is looking to get real-time weather data to predict weather efficiently at a local scale will now be able to obtain the information they need. Some might argue that the alternative to such  decentralised weather data technology would be to have a centralised framework where all the data is stored; however, such frameworks are usually prone to hostile attacks and errors.

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