What’s in store for you?

With several power-packed features, CryptoPacks make your investing experience effortless and data-driven. Here is a snapshot of what you get.

Track Your Progress: In-Depth
Performance Insights

Stay ahead with informed investment decisions by monitoring your portfolio’s performance. CryptoPacks offer a comprehensive overview of a portfolio’s progress from 1 week to 3 months, empowering you to make strategic adjustments with real-time data.

Quick Trade vs Open Order Book

EUR-Crypto &
Crypto-Crypto Trading

Risk and Reward Rating:
Striking Balance

Master your crypto investments with a clear grasp of risk-reward dynamics. Meet the game-changing “Risk and Reward Rating” within CryptoPacks, offering valuable insights into the risk and potential rewards of your investments.

Portfolios curated by
Experienced Professionals

Tap into the experience of seasoned crypto veterans with hand picked selections of tokens, pre-balanced to optimise risk and returns. Invest with the finesse of an expert instantly, with ease.

Quick Trade vs Open Order Book

EUR-Crypto &
Crypto-Crypto Trading

Profit and Loss
at a Glance

Track your gains and losses like a pro! CryptoPacks offer a complete breakdown of your profit and loss statement, empowering you to grasp your investment’s growth trajectory. Make data-driven moves with confidence – know when to buy, sell, or hold for maximum returns!

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cutting-edge feature now

and unlock your path to a prosperous crypto future today.

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