10 Best Move to Earn Crypto Trending Right Now


rypto tokens became popular because they promised a new way to pay and invest. But I’m sure none of us expected they could also help us lead healthier lives. A new innovation in the crypto space known as “Move to Earn” or M2E does exactly that. Just like play-to-earn tokens gamified the process of earning crypto, the same is now being applied to physical activities. So what are the most popular move to earn crypto projects?

What is Move To Earn?

Move-to-earn apps incentivise you to follow a healthier lifestyle. They use technology like your smartphone to track your physical activity and reward progress with crypto tokens. Sometimes also known as walk to earn crypto, these projects have rapidly gained popularity in the last few years. 

10 Best Move to Earn Projects


Sweatcoin is currently the most popular move-to-earn app on the market. It has over 120 million users and claims to boost physical activity by 20%. Users must walk 1000 steps to earn one Sweatcoin. These coins can be redeemed for physical and digital goods on their marketplace or converted into SWEAT, a crypto token. 


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • You can stake your SWEAT to earn more income passively


  • SWEAT is a very new token, having been released just 2 months ago
  • It is unclear whether they can fulfil all goals in their roadmap

Step App

This app is creating an ecosystem for you and your friends to be active and earn rewards together. Powered by the FITFI token, the platform allows you to buy NFTs called “SNEAK”. These NFTs are in-game sneakers that can grant you various advantages and increased earnings. 


  • The use of Gamefi can make the app interesting for users. 
  • Opportunity to compete with friends adds a social element


  • Service is still in the Beta stage, so the state of the product is not final
  • You must purchase an NFT to get started


MetaGym is a promising new initiative that rewards you for completing certain tasks. These may be strength training, running or even adequate sleep. It includes metaverse avatars known as MetaGym Buddies, which are fully customisable and upgradeable. Rewards are distributed as $MGCN, the native token of the platform.


  • Encourages overall health, not just running
  • High customizability may appeal to more users


  • The application is yet to release
  • The platform is behind on its roadmap and it is unclear if it can stay on track


STEPN is a popular web3 lifestyle app. Like other move-to-earn platforms, it rewards you for walking and running. It offers a marketplace for you to purchase sneakers and increase your energy cap. You can also share your activity results with friends. 


  • Well-designed UI appeals to many users
  • Several sneaker options and upgrades provide goals to work towards


  • Starting with the app is not free. You must purchase NFT sneakers to begin
  • No new features planned beyond Q1 2023


Galvan is a web3-based wellness app that goes beyond M2E features. It is a platform for healthcare information and enables you to consult doctors remotely. They have recently launched their M2E feature that gives you daily and weekly rewards for exercising


  • App grants benefits like doctor consultations and fitness data tracking
  • Supports syncing with health wearables like Apple Watch and Fitbit


  • Move to earn features are currently in Beta and expected to release by the end of 2022
  • Tokenomics are unclear and may be a deterrent for some users


Dotmoovs breaks the mould of running to earn rewards. It introduces video battles in tasks such as football and dancing. Players can be connected against each other to compete in such tasks and earn tokens for winning. The winners are decided through computer vision and AI. 


  • Unique M2E experience not offered by other brands
  • P2P battles make the process more fun


  • Winning depends on the AI algorithm and may be inconsistent
  • Limited to fans of dancing and freestyle football


GenoPets is a move-to-earn game that encourages you to travel and play. The objective is to raise pet NFTs and take care of them by using your daily steps. This allows you to earn GENE tokens that can be sold to other players or used on the marketplace. It also includes leaderboards and competitions for competitive players.


  • Combines play-to-earn and move-to-earn in one experience
  • Trading and selling on the marketplace are good ways to build a community


  • The service is in early access
  • Unclear how much variety there is in the NFTs you can purchase


OliveX is a fitness metaverse platform that enables other developers to create applications on it. It offers many different apps, each focused on a different aspect of physical activity. By playing these games, you earn DOSE tokens that can be used to buy NFTs, unlock in-game items and participate in new game modes. 


  • Several apps in the ecosystem to choose from
  • Growth potential is high as new apps are constantly being developed


  • Your tasks and reward differ from game to game


Calo is another move-to-earn app that adds social experiences and gamification to physical activities. But unlike other apps, it even offers NFT breeding features. If you own two sneakers, you can breed them to generate a brand-new NFT. These sneakers can be of various types and rarities to fit your requirements. 


  • Sneaker breeding is a special twist to the M2E formula
  • Single and Challenge modes to choose from


  • Must purchase expensive NFTs to participate
  • Breeding NFTs may lead to inflation in the ecosystem


Wirtual is an exercise-to-earn application that includes running, swimming, dancing and cycling. It can also track your fitness data and sleep through your mobile phone or smartwatch. The platform offers many competitions and has over 130,000 registered users


  • Includes features beyond walking and running
  • Support for many fitness apps and wearables


  • Its metaverse and social features are still under development
  • Information about its creators is not easily available

Get Started With Move To Earn Games

Get Started with Move to Earn (M2E) Games

It is very easy to begin using move-to-earn apps. The first step is to create a crypto wallet on any popular service provider like Metamask or Coinbase. Link this wallet with the platform of your choice and you’re ready to go. Some apps may require you to purchase NFTs before you can earn on the app, while others can be used for free.

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M2E is a rapidly growing space that shows crypto can even benefit our personal lives through healthcare and physical activity. But do your own research and ensure you are interested in a platform before buying into its ecosystem.
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