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We’re proud to be the exchange of choice for over three million traders all over the world. That you’ve found this page tells us that you’re ready to start investing in bitcoin, and are stopping by to find out about how best to begin. If you’re sure you’ve done your homework on cryptocurrency, read on!

Bitcoin is by far the most well-known cryptocurrency in the world today, and its price has skyrocketed since its inception – to the point that a single coin may cost you lakhs of rupees. At the time of writing this, one Bitcoin is worth ₹23,67,832 on ZebPay. Fortunately, you can buy Bitcoin in fractions, for as little as a hundred rupees at a time.

We’ve designed this series as a guide, to walk you through placing that first buy order, and to lay the foundation for a strong relationship with Bitcoin. We’ll be sharing learnings from the larger community, as well as personal insight from our resident HODLers to help you pick up the basics of Bitcoin faster than ever.

Let’s start with a little gyaan;

Our best practices and principles to keep you investing smart, and safe:
  • Beware of FOMO. Don’t let yourself be swayed by hype. Every day brings an exciting new coin to invest in, but stick to the popular choices like Bitcoin and Ethereum until you’re confident of your research.
  • On the same lines – tweets are popularity contests, not financial advice
  • Stay on top of what’s happening in the industry. Subscribe to crypto-specific newsletters and blogs like CoinTelegraph and CoinDesk. ZebPay has a weekly newsletter too!
  • Following the prices of tokens you invested is not enough, metrics like total market cap, bitcoin dominance and ethereum dominance are important to understand the overall trend.
  • Market research publications like Flipside Crypto, Delphi Digital and Santiment offer deep insights to look into as you plan bigger investments.
  • Bookmark your frequently visited crypto sites including exchange links. Develop a habit of using links from your bookmarks rather than clicking links from emails.

Trade smart and safe with these topics

We can help you trade smart and trade safe!


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Keeping Up with Crypto

Keeping Up
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