Top 5 Brands Using NFTs For Promotions


Promotion of a product or service is a key part of the Marketing mix. From brochures to Digital Advertising, companies have found innovative ways to broadcast their messages. NFTs are the latest addition to the array of marketing options. NFTs are a powerful tool to engage super fans. NFTs are unique by definition. This quality of exclusivity and uniqueness makes NFT marketing a powerful tool for brand awareness.

Out of the many products and services available to people today, the need to be heard is the most vital for consumer brands. This is because of the route to market for these companies. Their revenues directly come from everyday retail consumers. The needs and wants of retail consumers are dynamic, and this pushes consumer brands to innovate in all areas of their marketing mix.

Brands like Coca-Cola, Marlboro, and Kodak have defined advertising and were always at the forefront of innovative marketing. Today let us explore NFT promotion activities of five consumer brands that have changed the advertising landscape and inspired the rest to follow.

1. Coca-Cola 

In July 2021, Coca-Cola released 4 NFTs. Each NFT created a multi-sensorial experience and unlocked surprises for the owners on the reveal. Coca-Cola partnered with Decentraland, one of the leading names in Metaverse innovations to make this happen. One of the NFTs had a Coca-Cola bubble jacket that can be worn by the character in Decentraland. 

On international friendship day, Coca-Cola auctioned these NFTs on the Open Sea platform, and the collected revenue was used to fund the Special Olympics. The winning bidder also won a Coca-Cola refrigerator.

Coca Cola NFT

2. Nike 

Nike has been a pioneer of remarkable advertising. Its landmark “ Just do it “ campaign has not only sent shockwaves in the ad landscape but also made a deep cultural impact. 

Nike has recently acquired the RFTKT studios which specialise in the creation of cutting-edge collectibles. These collectibles include sneakers and shoes in the form of NFTs. Now, imagine an avatar in the metaverse wearing a Nike sneaker, and what if this sneaker is the only available model to be ever made? It’s exciting to think of the possibilities that this collaboration can create.

Nike NFT

3. Lamborghini 

When it comes to exclusivity there are very few brands that come into the same conversation as Lamborghini. Lamborghini has released 5 limited edition space-themed NFTs as a part of their “ Epic road trip” campaign. Lamborghini has collaborated with NFT pro, an enterprise-level NFT creation organisation to get this campaign rolling.

One of the NFTs is a jaw-dropping image of a Lamborghini Aventador shredding in space. What’s special about this image is the fact that it is a culmination of 1500 real pictures of the Lamborghini car parts. 

This NFT is linked to an actual physical key component that has been sent to the International space station and brought back. The physical component is linked to the digital artwork through a QR code.

Lamborghini NFT

4. Burger King

Burger King launched an NFT campaign called “ Keep it real Meals” in partnership with the NFT platform Sweet. Burger King has collaborated with three singers – Nelly, LILHUDDY, and Anitta for this campaign. Each singer has three collectibles by their name. 

When a customer buys a Burger King meal in any of the participating restaurants, he/she will get an option to select one of the three boxes. Each box has a QR code. On scanning it the customer is awarded an NFT. Now the customer must find two more NFTs of the same series and on collecting all three, he/she is rewarded with a fourth surprise NFT. Customers can also win free whopper burgers for an entire year for collecting all three NFTs. Winners can also catch up with the singer on a Video call as a part of the campaign.

Burger king NFT

5. Samsung

Samsung has always been vocal about its support for Crypto innovations. Samsung in partnership with Nifty Gateway, an NFT marketplace by Gemini, is launching a Smart TV NFT platform in its premium range of TVs. Users can browse and purchase NFTs on Smart TVs. This innovation is the first of its kind and no other TV brand has done this yet. Consumers have access to more than 5000+ digital artworks. Some of the artists are marquee names such as Beeple, whose NFT shot the entire industry into the limelight. 

Samsung aims to enable a billion people to access this art.

Samsung NFT

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Final thoughts

With big brands venturing into the NFT space, the others in the Industry are bound to follow or at least draw inspiration from the competition. NFTs have tremendous potential to create a buzz in the media and grab consumer attention. They are also tools of exclusivity which mean a lot to super-fans. It is projected that the NFT market is set to grow at a CAGR of 30% year on year. Growth coupled with the willingness to adapt to this new technology might soon make NFT marketing part of every brand’s marketing checklist.

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