Top 10 DePin Tokens To Invest In 2024


DePin crypto stands for Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks, utilising blockchain technology to establish and manage tangible physical infrastructure and hardware networks in a decentralised, permissionless, and automated manner. These networks encourage engagement in physical infrastructure projects by employing crypto incentives, fostering bottom-up construction rather than traditional top-down approaches. The emergence of DePin has sparked significant interest within the crypto community, heralding a potential transformation in decentralised physical infrastructure development.

Top 10 DePin Crypto Tokens of 2024

TokenCurrent Price Market Capitalisation
Akash Network$5.58$1.35 Billion
Helium Network$6.69$1 Billion
Filecoin$9.64$5 Billion
Theta Network$3.19$3.18 Billion
Render$11.54$4.4 Billion
Arweave$43.10$2.8 Billion
Hivemapper$0.1544$164.7 Million
Quantum Resistant Ledger$0.3582$24.2 Million
Precipitate.AI$0.01211$12.09 Million

Akash Network: Transforming Cloud Computing with Supercloud Innovation

Akash Network emerges as a Supercloud leading a transformative shift in cloud computing, challenging traditional cloud services and spearheading a new era of accessibility to vital cloud resources. Harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology, Akash Network has introduced an open-source, decentralised marketplace for cloud computing, delivering unparalleled levels of speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This groundbreaking advancement is poised to revolutionize users’ perspectives on and utilisation of cloud services.

Helium Network – A Project Building Global Hotspot Network

Helium Network stands out as a captivating DePin crypto initiative dedicated to establishing a global decentralised network of WiFi hotspots. With an impressive presence of over 980,000 hotspots worldwide, the project offers an innovative approach to connectivity.

One of the key features of Helium Network is its incentivisation model, which rewards hotspot providers with HNT tokens for expanding the network’s coverage. Providers earn HNT based on the amount of data transmitted through their hotspots, fostering growth and engagement within the network.

Filecoin – Decentralised Cloud Storage Solution

Filecoin emerges as the foremost among a multitude of DePin initiatives dedicated to implementing decentralised cloud storage solutions. At the core of Filecoin’s concept is the ability for users to securely store content across a distributed network of devices globally, guaranteeing robust backup and resistance to censorship.

Central to Filecoin’s infrastructure is its utilisation of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a protocol designed for decentralised data storage. Through Filecoin, individuals have the opportunity to contribute their computing resources to the network as storage providers, earning FIL tokens commensurate with the amount of storage they offer.

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Theta Network – DePin Video Streaming with Digital Rights Management

Theta Network represents a decentralised ecosystem of computing resources specifically designed to facilitate the seamless delivery of streaming video content. The primary objective of Theta Network is to ensure the global availability of high-quality video content without any latency issues.

One of the standout features of Theta Network is its integrated digital rights management (DRM) solution. This DRM functionality empowers digital content creators to assert their rights and receive royalties each time their videos are streamed, enhancing the overall ecosystem for content creators and consumers alike.

Render – GPU Computing Marketplace for 3D Graphics Rendering

Render stands out as a decentralised computing network that focuses on consolidating GPU computing power. Through Render, individuals have the opportunity to access GPU computing resources, enabling the rendering of large-scale 3D projects without the need for substantial investments in computing infrastructure.

The significance of Render lies in its pivotal role in the development of future metaverses, where 3D graphics rendering plays a critical role. As metaverse adoption grows, the demand for extensive GPU power will increase significantly, positioning Render as a key player capable of meeting these requirements effectively.

At the core of Render’s operations is the native RNDR token, which serves as the project’s driving force. Users are required to utilise RNDR tokens to access GPU computing resources within the network. Providers of GPU resources earn RNDR tokens, establishing a dynamic marketplace for the token.

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Arweave – Permanent Decentralised Data Storage for a Flat Price

Arweave emerged as a decentralised storage solution built on blockchain technology, initially resembling Filecoin in its structure. However, unlike Filecoin’s model which entails ongoing data storage fees, Arweave adopts a distinct approach by charging users a one-time upfront fee for permanent distributed data storage.

To sustain this model, Arweave leverages an endowment fund funded by user fees, which is then invested to generate interest. Subsequently, Arweave utilises the interest earned to compensate storage providers with annual fees in AR tokens. The overarching goal is for Arweave to generate more interest than it pays out, ensuring the continuous growth of the endowment fund.

Arweave’s permanent storage feature positions it as an ideal solution for preserving historical crypto transaction data. Notably, prominent blockchain platforms such as Solana, Avalanche, Polkadot, and Cosmos have integrated Arweave into their ecosystems, underscoring its relevance and versatility within the blockchain space.

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Hivemapper – Drive-to-Earn Token Mapping the World’s Streets

Hivemapper represents a collaborative and distributed mapping initiative with the ambitious goal of capturing high-resolution 4K imagery of all global streets. This innovative project exemplifies the transformative capabilities of Decentralised Public Infrastructure Networks (DePin) in achieving tangible real-world objectives.

The operational framework of Hivemapper involves incentivising drivers with HONEY tokens to equip their vehicles with dash cams and commence driving. Drivers earn HONEY based on the extent of previously unmapped roads they cover and record on video, fostering a dynamic mapping ecosystem.

ColdStack: Pioneering Decentralised Cloud Aggregation

ColdStack emerges as a trailblazing Decentralised Cloud Aggregator, setting a new standard as the world’s premier service that consolidates various Decentralised Data Storages, including renowned platforms like Filecoin. With a focus on delivering unmatched speed, simplicity, and user-centric design, ColdStack offers a seamless pathway for leveraging the potential of Decentralised Clouds, catering not only to crypto projects but also extending its reach to diverse sectors.

By leveraging an AI-driven pipeline to optimise storage solutions, ColdStack empowers users with a cost-effective and secure approach to file storage. The platform’s ethos revolves around transparency, immutability, and cryptographic verifiability, establishing a foundation of reliability and trustworthiness for its users.

Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL): Leading the Way in Quantum-Resistant Blockchain Technology

The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) sets itself apart as a ‘fully quantum-resistant blockchain network that leverages PQ-CRYPTO recommended/IETF standardised cryptography.’ In contrast to many other blockchain ventures that rely on the potentially vulnerable ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm), QRL opts for a hash-based eXtended Merkle Tree Signature Scheme (XMSS) to mitigate the risks associated with quantum attacks.

Emphasising the security of its platform, the QRL project integrates PQ-CRYPTO recommended and IETF standardised cryptographic methodologies. Beyond its robust cryptographic framework, the QRL ecosystem encompasses a range of applications and a development framework, facilitating the seamless creation of blockchain applications within a verifiably quantum-resistant network.

Precipitate.AI: Revolutionising Infrastructure Services at the Intersection of AI and Public Blockchains

At the forefront of innovation, Precipitate introduces the pioneering IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) protocol that seamlessly merges AI and public Blockchains. Serving as a Distributed Virtual Private Server provider, Precipitate acts as a fundamental platform facilitating the harmonious integration of Web3 and AI technologies. Users can efficiently deploy a Raindrop, an AI-optimised Virtual Private Server that seamlessly interfaces with EVM Blockchains, to establish and oversee their Virtual Private Server operations.

In the realm of infrastructure services, particularly hosting, Precipitate prioritises Web3 native currencies over traditional credit/debit card transactions. The native token, RAIN, functions as the Infrastructure Token for the Precipitate Protocol. By utilising RAIN for deploying dApps on Precipitate, users unlock exclusive access to AI processing capabilities, data rendering, computational resources, storage, and bandwidth.

Investment in DePin Crypto Tokens

As the crypto ecosystem progresses, it moves towards real-world applications. DePin cryptos foster a stronger connection between the crypto ecosystem and tangible hardware networks. The 10 listed tokens are doing well in 2024 and are looking forward towards healthy growth.

Please note that this blog should not be taken as investment advice. Each investor is required to do thorough research before investing in any crypto-related asset.

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DePin tokens are meant to connect the physical real-world applications with the reliability and redundancy of the crypto ecosystem. It is a fast-growing asset with immense potential. As of the start of 2024, the ability to solve real-world issues through crypto tokens has gathered people’s interest. We have shortlisted the 10 best DePin assets which are looking forward to growing in 2024.

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