Preparing for the Pre Bitcoin Halving: Strategies and Predictions


Understanding Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin is a deflationary crypto token with limited availability which makes it the digital equivalent of gold. The tech is designed to keep it similarly relevant. Bitcoin halving is a significant event in the Bitcoin network that occurs approximately every four years, reducing the reward for mining new blocks by 50%. This process is designed to control the rate at which new bitcoins are generated, effectively slowing down the creation of new bitcoins over time. 

The halving mechanism is a fundamental part of Bitcoin’s design, aiming to mimic the scarcity and deflationary properties of precious metals like gold. As a result of halving, the inflation rate of Bitcoin decreases, leading to a reduced supply of new coins entering the market.

Pre Bitcoin Halving Overview

The crypto community is anticipating Bitcoin halving. This anticipation is visible in the price hike of Bitcoin. Since the start of the year 2024, the mass sentiment of the crypto community has been growing. Here are some of the pointers to look for –

  1. Historical Trends and Patterns- Bitcoin”s halving historically has led to an increase in the scarcity and value of BTC. Here are some of the instances of how BTC behaves after halving.

Halving #1

  • The first halving occurred on November 28, 2012, and reduced the block reward to 25 BTC from 50 BTC.
  • Price at time of halving: $13
  • Following year’s peak: $1,152

Halving #2

  • The second halving occurred on July 16, 2016, and reduced the block reward to 12.5 BTC.
  • Price at time of halving: $664
  • Following year’s peak: $17,760

Halving #3

  • The third halving occurred on May 11, 2020, and reduced the block reward to 6.25 BTC.
  • Price at time of halving: $9,734
  • Following year’s peak: $67,549
  1. Factors Leading to Pre-Bitcoin Halving Excitement- Apart from realising the historical pattern, there is another factor exciting the traders. As with the halving, the number of tokens mined decreases, and similar demands push the prices up. The deflationary nature of Bitcoin pushes the value of BTC up.

Strategies for Pre-Bitcoin Halving

Hodling- The economics of Bitcoin shows how halving helps grow BTC value. Buying and hodling BTC to reap its benefit later is what most of the masses are looking for, thus creating the pre-Bitcoin Halving rally in value.

Trading- Bitcoin is the gold standard for the crypto community. The rally in Bitcoin can lead to a bull run in the whole crypto ecosystem. Several other tokens also gather momentum. One can use the period to invest in altcoins to benefit.

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Mining Strategies

Halving cuts the mining benefits by 50%. Inefficient machines make mining tough and sometimes unprofitable. This limits the motivation of miners and the flow of new token inflow keeping the network deflationary. Outdated and inefficient machines become no longer economically viable. Efficient processors with relatively less energy intake are required for mining after halving. Bitcoin halving also pushes for environment-friendly and efficient mining processors.

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Risk Management

Learning Hedging techniques gives you the options to minimise the risk. Hedging is a process of investing in tokens following cycles opposite to each other. This safeguards against the volatility and uncertainty of any one token. Bitcoin is known to have less volatility than altcoins. Hedging with Bitcoin token (BTC) pre-halving can be a good risk-avoiding strategy.

Role of Technical Analysis in Pre-Bitcoin Halving

Technical chart analysis is one of the key skills one should have while trading. Learning candle charts, understanding bull and bear runs along with predicting course reversals are integral. All these data can be derived from the technical analysis and used for our benefit.

Expert Pre Bitcoin Halving Price Prediction

Looking at the history of Bitcoin halving, and how it affects the economy, experts are very hopeful for a price surge in BTC.

Scott Melker, also recognized as the Wolf of All Streets, concurs with Standard Chartered Bank’s projection that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by the conclusion of 2024. This forecast is supported by interest in U.S.-based spot Bitcoin ETFs and the impending halving event. “We expect Bitcoin to touch a cycle high of $150,000 by mid-2025 and touch all-time highs in 2024,” Bernstein analysts wrote.

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Bitcoin halving is like a festival which comes every leap year. It pushes for more efficient and cleaner technology for mining. It keeps Bitcoin deflationary and limits the flow of new Bitcoin assets into the network. The restricted supply leads to an increase in the value of each token (BTC). Bitcoin is the gold standard for the crypto community. Any anticipation or rise in value flows into the whole crypto ecosystem. 

Please note that the above-mentioned data points are not investment recommendations. Investors are required to conduct thorough research before investing in any crypto-related asset.

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