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Bitcoin Pizza Party

Who does not like pizza? It’s the best friend of a relationship gone wrong, the perfect buddy for your Netflix binge-watching sessions or your go-to on-the-move snack. But did you ever imagine that your Pizza could save lives? Or help patients with medicines? Provide oxygen to people in the ICU? Offer medical supplies to frontline workers?    

Zebpay is bringing together all the major Indian crypto exchanges in a never-seen-before community COVID-19 fundraiser- India’s first Bitcoin Pizza party.     

Wait a minute, Pizza and Bitcoin- they don’t have anything in common!     

 They do! A lot, to be honest. You think May 22nd every year is just another day in the calendar (apart from a birthday or your wedding anniversary). Well, guess what? It also marks the day when 2 Pizzas were purchased using 10,000 Bitcoin. It was the first-ever real-world purchase using Bitcoin as payment. But you know what’s the bigger story. Those Bitcoin today would be worth more than 570M or 0.5 billion! 

Now you know why it’s called Bitcoin Pizza Day!

However, this year, we are marking this day, not for the pizza, nor for the millions of dollars, but rather for the millions of priceless smiles and lives. As we all know, the pandemic has severely affected the country. In these times, it is critical if we can do our bit to improve the situation on the ground.    

What can you expect at the event?    

A boxful of pizza, a heartful of compassion, and a bucketful of fun! 

Come, meet the people behind India’s cryptocurrency industry. They aren’t nerds or hackers! They’re just regular people who like to have fun. Watch them face off in some fun game shows while raising funds to help out our nation. 

What’s in it for you? 

If the contribution to society isn’t enough, don’t worry we also have some goodies to give away. But you’ll hear about these only if you’re a part of the event.

Heard of NFTs? Want to own your first NFT?

You can claim your own collectible NFT badge for just attending the fundraiser. Make a donation towards the relief efforts and claim another badge for this. 

… And now introducing the SHOW-STOPPER

You! (Well, all of us). 

We are all going to collaborate on creating a one-of-its-kind kind collaborative artwork. We’ll mint it as an NFT and auction it off to raise funds. 

Stay tuned to hear more on this.

It’s your chance to make an impact.

All funds raised will be used for oxygen cylinders, medical supplies, and other healthcare material required to save lives and back the overstressed health infrastructure. 

So, come be a part of Bitcoin Pizza Day. Drop your email address here and we will shortly send you information on how you can get an invitation to the party.

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