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What is FTM?

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Fantom: a network of independent chains

  • Fantom is a network of blockchains that provides ledger services to businesses and applications.
  • By building a network of independent chains, it is designed to overcome the limitations of legacy blockchain platforms.

Why buy FTM?

  • The FTM token has a number of use cases within the Fantom ecosystem.
  • Anyone with at least 1,000,000 FTM can run their own validator node to earn epoch rewards and transaction fees. By locking in their FTM, validators help the network to be decentralized and secure.
  • To compensate validators for their services and prevent transaction spam, every action performed within the Fantom network costs a small fee. This fee is paid in FTM.
  • Decisions regarding the Fantom ecosystem are made using transparent on-chain voting.

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