Web3 explained

Web3 – also referred to as the “Decentralised internet”  is the latest form of the internet where users have more control over their data. The main idea behind Web3 is to make the Internet a more user-centric ecosystem where users are equitable stakeholders. Web3 innovations use Blockchain as a backbone. Blockchains help create a system of trust and consensus without the need for centralised authorities.

About Bharat Web3 Association

Bharat Web3 Association is a collaboration of leading Web3 technology companies with a focus to leverage blockchain-based technologies to advance digital transformation in India.

India is one of the fastest-growing emerging economies with a young demographic. It is essential for India to be a voice in the global digital space. To realise this mission to make India a leading force in digital transformation, Bharat Web3 advocates for the synergy between regulatory bodies and the industry to create awareness regarding Web3 and blockchain.

Bharat Web3 Association works towards

To educate about the major innovations in the Web3 space.

To let the world know about how Web3 is here to make a significant positive impact.

Championing Web3 adoption and the development of operating procedures.

To serve as a medium for stakeholders to collaborate and create the best standards for the Industry.

ZebPay is one of the key members of the Bharat Web3 Association, along with several other notable organizations that innovate in Web3 and blockchain.

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