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What is Tether?

  • A stablecoin equal to the US dollar.
  • Tether is always 100% backed by reserves, which includes traditional cash and cash equivalents. Every Tether is also 1-to-1 pegged to the United States dollar, so 1 USDT is always valued by Tether at 1 USD.
  • The value of Tether reserves are published daily on their website. The value of these reserves matches or exceeds the value of all Tethers in circulation. This makes the stable coin incredibly secure and transparent.

Why buy USDT?

  • The most widely traded crypto today isn’t Bitcoin or Ether – it’s Tether!
  • Traders use USDT as a substitute for dollars, giving them a safeguard against the volatility in crypto markets.
  • It can also be easily transferred between exchanges and people, allowing you to bypass the transaction costs and delays of bank transfers. USDT is easy to buy and sell, and is universally accepted across crypto exchanges.

Where to Buy Tether in India?

  • ZebPay is one of India’s oldest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges which helps you to buy digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, and many more. We make your experience simple but focus on the robust security measures of your crypto wallet.

How to Buy Tether in India?

  • It’s very simple to start investing in Bitcoin with ZebPay cryptocurrency exchange. All you need is to install the ZebPay app and get your KYC verification done in a few simple steps. You are ready to buy, sell and trade tether.

FAQs on Tether

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose price and value is attached with fiat money or exchange traded commodities like the US dollar or gold.
Check and compare the USDT to INR price. Explore more on depth charts, candle charts, volume and last price.

Getting Started

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3. Start Trading!

You can even buy Bitcoin in fractions, for as little as a ₹100!

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