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What is KNC (Kyber Network Crystal) ?

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The most widely used DeFi protocols on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • The Kyber network allows anyone to quickly and securely swap tokens without depending on centralised exchanges.
  • It does this by aggregating liquidity from over 40 sources, which it calls ‘reserves’. As a result, it can provide the best rates for token exchange.
  • No sign ups necessary, no order books, and you don’t have to worry about finding an exchange that lists the token pair you need. All transactions on Kyber are also completely on the blockchain, which ensures full transparency and security.

Why buy KNC?

  • The KNC (Kyber Network Crystal) token is used to govern the Kyber protocol. When you stake KNC tokens, you can vote on key decisions shaping the Kyber Network, and in return receive rewards in ETH.
  • According to BeInCrypto, in July 2020, around $18 million worth of KNC was staked on the KyberDAO in only the first day after its launch.

Getting Started

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3. Start Trading!

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