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What is Chainlink ?

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The LINK token offers the best of many worlds by bringing blockchains together.

  • Blockchain networks traditionally exist in isolation. Chainlink brings these chains together, and connects them to real-world data that exists outside of the blockchain.
  • This interoperability helps users and developers get access to varying features of different blockchains, all the while ensuring that the integrity of both the networks remains intact.

Why buy Chainlink?

  • ChainLink solves the issue of interoperability between isolated blockchains. Smart contracts are used for most real world applications. External data inputs are necessary for most smart contracts to function. Oracles works as trusted data centers to provide these external data and bridge this gap between on-line blockchain components and the offline data sources.
  • ChainLink is a decentralized network of such oracles. LINK is the native currency used for all operations that take place on the ChainLink network. Oracles need to have LINK tokens staked which gives them reputation on the network. Staking LINK also helps with oracles providing reliable data and network security.

Getting Started

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