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Buy, Sell and Trade LUNA


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An algorithmically-governed blockchain protocol that offers a collection of stablecoins

What is LUNA? 

  • Terra is an algorithmically-governed public blockchain protocol that has a collection of fiat-pegged tokens (Terra stablecoins) and a stabilising crypto asset, LUNA. It has stablecoins for the world’s major powerful fiat currencies such as USD, EUR,  JPY, GBP, KRW etc.
  • The platform allows users to easily and swiftly trade using Terra Stablecoins. Thus, making it easier for merchants and buyers to adopt cryptocurrencies. 
  • Terra is backed by Terra Alliance, a set of 15 large e-commerce companies in Asia that collectively process $25 billion annual transactions and around 45 million active users. 
  • It provides a simple and low-cost payments network without the complicated traditional payment value chains.

Why buy LUNA?

  • LUNA is used for transaction fees, volatility absorption, and mining rewards. Miners stake LUNA to mine Terra stablecoins. 
  • Using LUNA, the network stabilises the prices of stablecoins by balancing supply and demand by executing instantaneous swaps between the LUNA pool and the Terra pool.
  • To maintain the price of Terra, LUNA pool and Terra pool constantly add or subtract from Terra’s supply. Miners burn LUNA to mint Terra and vice versa.

Where to Buy LUNA in India?

  • ZebPay is one of India’s oldest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges which helps you to buy digital currencies like bitcoin, ether, LUNA and many more. We make your experience simple but focus on the robust security measures of your crypto wallet.

How to Buy LUNA in India?

  • It’s very simple to start investing in LUNA with ZebPay crypto exchange. All you need is to install the ZebPay app and get your KYC verification done in a few simple steps. You are set to buy, sell and trade LUNA.

Getting Started

1. Create an Account

Register with your phone number, and submit your KYC documents

2. Make a Deposit

Add crypto to your ZebPay wallet, or link your bank account to buy crypto for the first time

3. Start Trading!

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