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What is Push?

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Notifications for a new Internet

  • ENPS is an Indian blockchain startup, co-founded by Harsh Rajat and Richa Joshi in 2020. They envision an Ethereum protocol that will allow any dApp, service or smart contract to notify its users via their wallet addresses.
  • Irrespective of whether you choose to view your messages on a mobile, tablet, web app or via your favourite wallet; your PUSH notifications will reach you.

Why buy Push?

  • A service such as this can find its way into every aspect of the blockchain ecosystem.
  • DEX users can be notified when the price of a token falls or rises a certain percentage. They can also set up notifications for when their trades are completed, rather than being forced to check back manually.
  • Lending protocol users can set up notifications to be informed when they are about to be liquidated, rather than needing to check in regularly.

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