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What is Tron?

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Meet one of the biggest blockchain-based operating systems in the world.

  • On the Tron network, applications are given a wider variety of ways to be developed because of its scalability and highly effective smart contract. This means it can support a large number of users.
  • With an improved TPS, Tron is able to provide high throughput that surpasses even Bitcoin and Ethereum. TRX connects the entire TRON ecosystem, with abundant application scenarios that power transactions and applications on the chain.

Why buy Tron?

  • The TRON network is capable of processing 2,000 transactions per second, putting it on par with major payment processors like PayPal – all with zero transaction fees.
  • Staking TRON allows users to earn a passive income, while helping keep the TRON network safe. In the TRX ecosystem, users stake their TRX at a 1:1 ratio. The more they stake, the more TRX they can earn.

Getting Started

1. Create an Account

Register with your phone number, and submit your KYC documents

2. Make a Deposit

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3. Start Trading!

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