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What is 0x?

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An open protocol that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain

  • How 0x works is a combination of centralised and decentralized exchanges. It draws from the best of both worlds: it cuts out third parties through smart contracts which ensure users are in control of their funds, yet maintains the lower costs associated with running centralised exchanges through something called off-chain relays.
  • 0x tokens (ZRX) are used to pay the relayers. They can also be used to vote on 0x protocol improvements.

Why buy 0x?

  • Can we think of a better combo than a decentralized exchange with low fees? 0X is just that- an ethereum based protocol where users can transfer their tokens without a middleman. Orders are made off-the chain using relayers and only the final settlement takes place on-chain. This relayer model helps with lowering the transaction speed.
  • ZRX is the native currency used in the network to incentivize the users and as a governance token. Any transaction on 0X protocol uses ZRX tokens for fees and the token holders can vote on certain proposals on the protocol. Token holders can also delegate their tokens to other validators and earn rewards.

Getting Started

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