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Why ZebPay Chooses BitGo to Secure Our Users’ Digital Assets

When searching for a custody provider, we looked for a solutions provider who would take security as seriously as they did. BitGo checked all of the boxes and then some: exceptional security standards, top industry reputation, easy to implement API’s, and attractive pricing. As we explained in a statement over on BitGo’s blog,

“BitGo is one of the oldest and most secure custody providers for digital assets. To offer best-in-class security to our customers, we chose to partner with BitGo Inc. for hot wallets BitGo Trust for qualified custody. BitGo’s reputation is well deserved, and they work hard to earn it.”

BitGo, the leader in institutional digital asset custody, trading, and lending, empowers their clients to focus on their core business by removing the worry of digital asset custody and security by providing a connected and secure suite of solutions. BitGo APIs have also helped us automate our infrastructure for handling customers’ crypto deposits and withdrawals. BitGo APIs also power processes for monitoring and auditing wallet activity. BitGo was first to market with multi-signature security for hot wallets in 2013 and has since become the industry gold standard for securing digital assets. Multi-signature security is an open-source protocol and has undergone thorough testing and evaluation by the crypto security community.

As an early adopters of multi-sig, ZebPay increased customer trust and enhanced the security reputation of India’s emerging crypto industry. The BitGo API has enabled us to provide customers with faster withdrawals and easy-to-manage refills while safely securing digital assets in protected custody wallets. BitGo Inc. has taken care of wallet management and helped manage automated wallets securely. UI interface and sophisticated access policies make it easier to manage the day to day refills. BitGo Trust’s custody solution has taken our overhead of managing cold wallets and the access and security around it.

Rahul Pagidipati, CEO, ZebPay

The Benefits of BitGo

  • Robust API interface
  • 100% multi-signature technology
  • Access to over 350+ coins and tokens
  • Insurance covering both theft and data breaches
  • Cryptocurrency Security Standard Level 3 and is SOC 2 compliant
  • Broad support for coins and tokens, forks, and airdrops
  • Bank-grade vaults


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