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Quick Trade in 3 Simple Steps


Go to Quick Trade tab and
input the crypto amount you want to purchase or sell.


Tap on Buy or Sell


Check the trade summary screen and confirm to execute

EUR-Crypto &
Crypto-Crypto Trading

EUR-Crypto &
Crypto-Crypto Trading

Trade across 06 EUR-Crypto pairs and 05 Crypto-Crypto pairs across Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and EOS.

Explore a Range of Features on Quick Trade

Invest with ease using price charts, volume indicators and instant order placement using market and limit orders. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and 150+ pairs available at the click of a button.

Quick Trade vs Open Order Book

Set Rate Alerts

Stay updated on the latest crypto prices with the
‘Rate Alerts’ feature

Trade Across Devices

From small screens to big, we’ve got you covered

Robust API.
Endless Possibilities

Use our ‘Build’ platform to unleash your creativity

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