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Zen Fighters: VR gaming metaverse

Zen Fighters is a virtual reality gaming metaverse game based on blockchain. Using NFTs, the game facilitates an active marketplace for avatars, in-game purchases, and many other things. The game also enables users to earn using its native token $ZENY.

Metaverse boom has taken over the world. While many suspect it to be more hype than reality, it is no doubt that metaverses are here to change the world in their own tangible way. The heaviest impact of metaverses has been on the gaming community. Metaverse’s couples with virtual reality have transformed the way we play games. NFTs add more spice to the mix. NFTs have changed the gaming model from pay-to-play to play-to-earn. Zen Fighters is an example of yet another game that uses blockchain, metaverse, NFT and VR. Let’s dive into it. 

What is Zen Fighters? 

Zen fighters is a multiplayer game played competitively for other spectators by professional players (esports). It is an innovative game built for virtual reality using non-fungible tokens. NFTs in the game helps in providing a vibrant ecosystem of the real sports markets. Players in the game can also earn NFT prizes. These prizes can be player costumes, in-game items, new avatars or even the native game token, $ZENY. Once earned through the game, $ZENY  and other NFTs can be kept in the player’s wallet. Later these can be sold on an open global blockchain marketplace. This is how Zen Fighters make a play-to-earn gaming model.  

The game has elements from Harry Potter’s Quidditch and Pokemon Go. It is a unique one on one fighter matching based on virtual reality. Overall, it becomes a tactical game where players are given unique superpowers. You can either participate as a spectator or as an active gamer. Both can earn in the game. Spectators can become an active part of the tournaments and beet on their favourite players to earn money. Players can unlock in-game prizes and a position on the leaderboard to earn money. 

The Zen Fighters backstory 

The background story is as interesting as the game itself. The metaverse that hosts the game Zen Fighters is called Zen Republic. The solar system in that republic consists of the sun and seven other planets. However, a millennial long war ensued between factions from different planets that wanted to own the sun. After years of intergalactic conflicts, the citizens of these planets decided to come to an agreement. This agreement meant sharing the sun’s energy equitably. 

After the intergalactic battles came to a halt, the planets decided to start Zen Fighters league as a symbol of their camaraderie. Pretty epic, right? Now, Zen Fighters is the place where the greatest fights from all around the world (Zen Republic) show their talent and strength. 

The real Zen Fighters 

Within the game, there are three types of Zen Fighters. These fighters come from different planets from the Zen Republic Metaverse: Martians, Reptilians, and Sumerians. I wonder how they came to speak the same language. These fighters can be are your avatars during the game and you can use different NFTs to upgrade their looks. You can change their hair colour, body colour, costume etc.

Moreover, these fighters also have their own superpowers. Every Zen Fighter has 3 non-changeable superpowers. Players can gain more experience points to unlock more superpowers. Consequently, increase the players worth in the market. Remember, anything can be sold, even the players. 



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