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with ZebPay

Securely transfer your BAT tokens from Brave to ZebPay. First 500 users to win 50 BAT.

Disclaimer : Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.

Getting Started

Create an account with ZebPay

Link your Brave & ZebPay wallets

Transfer your BAT tokens to ZebPay

Sign Up with ZebPay
Download the ZebPay App
Register with your email and phone number
Complete your KYC and Bank account verification

Connecting your
Brave & ZebPay wallets

Open the Brave Rewards section in your Brave Browser

Quick Trade vs Open Order Book

EUR-Crypto &
Crypto-Crypto Trading

Click on the Connect button and select ZebPay

Link Brave Rewards to your ZebPay account

Quick Trade vs Open Order Book

EUR-Crypto &
Crypto-Crypto Trading

View your BAT balance in your ZebPay portfolio

Click on ‘Transfer to ZebPay Wallet’

Quick Trade vs Open Order Book

EUR-Crypto &
Crypto-Crypto Trading

Select quantity of BAT to transfer and proceed

Enable ‘Auto-Sweep’ to automatically

transfer earned BAT to ZebPay every 90 days

Quick Trade vs Open Order Book

Tutorial to Transfer your Brave
Rewards Tokens to ZebPay

Accumulating Brave Rewards

Earning BAT tokens in Brave
Brave Rewards is a system integrated into the Brave Browser that rewards you with BAT for your attention during browsing. It aims to create an equitable Internet ecosystem by fostering a fairer distribution of rewards and promoting privacy and user control over data. Simply browse the web as usual, and you’ll have BAT tokens credited to your account for the time you have spent browsing.

Monitoring Your Brave Rewards Balance
You can monitor your BAT rewards in the ZebPay App after you link your Brave Rewards account with ZebPay.

Understanding Transaction Fees and Timeframes

Is there any Transaction Fee for Brave Rewards?
Transferring BAT rewards to your ZebPay wallet is completely free.

Estimated Time for transfer completion
Transfer of BAT rewards to your ZebPay wallet is done instantly.


Transfer Delays and Pending Status
Transfers should happen instantly in almost all cases. But if there is any issue, you can raise a ticket on our Support Portal.

Insufficient Brave Rewards for Transfer
Any amount less than 1 BAT cannot be transferred from your Brave Rewards account to ZebPay.

With this new upgrade, ZebPay becomes a frontrunner in the Web3 ecosystem, enabling you to use your BAT tokens. This groundbreaking partnership brings together two of the best players in the crypto space. You can transfer your BAT from your Brave Browser completely free of charge and trade your tokens at will. Download Brave Browser to earn your BAT rewards & transfer them to ZebPay. Click on the button below to start trading now with ZebPay.

Frequently Asked Questions

01 Can I Transfer BAT from Brave Rewards to Zebpay Automatically?

Yes, you can enable the Auto Sweep feature on your ZebPay App. This will automatically transfer BAT tokens to your ZebPay wallet every 90 days.

02 Are There Minimum Requirements for Transferring Rewards?

Yes, a few key points to note before using this feature.

  • You must have Brave Rewards enabled on your Brave browser.
  • You should complete your KYC process on ZebPay 
  • The minimum number of tokens that can be transferred is 1 BAT.
03 How Often Can I Transfer Brave Rewards to Zebpay?

You can transfer BAT tokens anytime you want. There is no restriction on the frequency of transfer.

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