Crypto Carnival by Rainbow 6ix

Rainbow 6ix is organizing a crypto carnival on Feb 22th this year. The event will be attended by developers, traders, investors, scholars and technology leaders. During the event, the participants will be exposed to multiple of the latest projects, games, and other latest technology. Not just that, participants will stand the chance of winning attractive rewards in terms of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Macbooks and iPhones.  

The Crypto industry is like any other industry. It has its own conferences and webinars where experts come and talk about the latest technology, the needs and the health of the industry. Although there are thousands of conferences happening in crypto every year, crypto is doing something new. Instead of a crypto conference, it is Crypto Carnival this time. Let’s dive into it and understand what’s happening. 

What is Crypto Carnival? 

Crypto Carnival is an event hosted by the North American market agency called Rainbow 6ix. It will be an online event that will showcase multiple decentralized products to showcase to the world. These products will include GameFi derivatives. Not just that the agency plans to use airdrops, lucky draws and blind boxes to increase user participation. The event will attract scholars, technology leaders, investors, development teams, community leaders, and financial institutions. All of them will take part in the event to discuss blockchain trends, showcase the latest technology etc. Game developers will also allow participants to try-out their latest games. Moreover, the carnival will become a great breeding ground for future partnerships to come. 

In addition to all this, the crypto carnival will also have amazing crypto prizes in terms of Ethereum, Solana and Bitcoin. Moreover, the rewards will also include electronic product prizes like MacBook and iPhone. The aim of Crypto Carnival is to enable the blockchain community to have a deeper understanding of the blockchain industry. Participants will learn about the latest projects, and experience chain game products directly. The organizers believe that it will be a real fun carnival party, hence the name crypto carnival. 

When is Crypto Carnival? 

The event is set to place on the 22nd of February, 2022. Rainbow 6ix has currently invited guest speakers for the event. The speakers include LONDEX exchange and VirgoCX on the confirmed list. VirgoCX will be addressing the NFT keynote session, which is the hottest topic in 2022. Therefore, the crypto carnival will help participants to get an in-depth understanding of NFTs. 

Additionally, LONDEX, a top-level exchange will be joining as the keynote speaker for the blockchain ecosystem session. They plan to highlight the importance and the ways of maintaining a healthy blockchain ecosystem. Therefore helping developers to build healthy projects with efficient ecosystems. You can register for the event here and get Carnival and VIP tickets. 

What is Rainbow 6ix?

It is the company that has introduced Crypto Carnival to the world. In addition to that, it is a marketing agency that has six marketers from North America. A few of them are in the media industry and the others are there in the blockchain industry. They aim to bring blockchain projects to their right communities. Moreover, they plan to host incubating projects so that in the coming years they can become the bridge between projects and communities. You should keep an eye on them. 

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