All About House Of Legends – The First NFT Project Minted From Space

“Art must take reality by surprise” – Francoise Sagan. This holds true even in the case of the new NFT Series “Wish Upon a Star”. House of Legends has developed NFTs and has produced the most popular brands in the Metaverse. Moreover, it has teamed with Israeli investor Eytan Stibbe to launch the first-ever NFT from space

This article delves into the House of Legends NFT – the first NFT project minted from space.

On April 8, 2022, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched the first private space mission to the International Space Station (ISS). The AX-1 mission took four newbie astronauts to ISS and 30 exceptionally rare House of Legends NFTs. These assets will be dropped from space into an auction, with all the revenues going to charity.

According to House of Legends (HOL), all earnings from the auction will go towards providing clean water to underserved people in Africa and India. Additionally, HOL will welcome all investors, collectors of non-fungible tokens, and traders to join the auction.

House of Legends is a unique NFT collection of 9,993 hand-drawn pieces by an award-winning artist Amit Shimoni. The series honours some of history’s most prominent men and women and is on a quest to provide clean water to 1 million people in underserved geographies. The project is an initiative from the renowned Meta-Brothers, a full-service NFT production business focusing on Metaverse strategy and XR technology.

The House of Legends team recognised that there is a scarcity of NFT projects which carries  a worldwide impact. While many NFT and crypto efforts promote their intention to donate a portion of their revenues to charity, the impact is rarely apparent. Tamara, an NFT entrepreneur, and her team hoped to reverse this negative trend by making a long-term difference with every NFT sale.

Towards that goal, HOL has collaborated with the renowned global NGO Drop4Drop.HOL used the money from the NFTs’ initial sale to fund the construction of water wells in distant African and Indian villages. This collaboration provided 80,000 people with lifelong access to safe drinking water.

Furthermore, House of Legends and Drop4Drop have assured that all donations will be used to build water wells in six African countries and India.

Last year, House of Legends’ NFT (first NFT) sold out in under 48 hours, earning over $4.8 million. During that time, HOL used the profits to drill water wells for over 50,000 population in India and Africa.

Tamara Yannay, HOL’s CEO and co-founder, is a seasoned NFT entrepreneur with a diverse background that includes digital marketing and combat photojournalism in the Israeli military. Tamara has seen the challenges of isolated areas lacking access to clean water while traveling the world for her work.

Tamara now leads a diverse worldwide team of web3 professionals and innovators who are building the Metaverse’s future and unlocking its potential to make a meaningful impact. Her future ambitions include investigating energy solutions like solar energy in addition to her work to alleviate the worldwide water crisis.

HOL’s chief art director, Amit Shimoni, contributes his distinct talent in the NFT Series “Wish Upon a Star” with his whimsical, pop-art renderings of the world’s most inspiring historical individuals and vision to the project. Readers may recognise him as the founder of Hipstory, an award-winning initiative that combines pop art and history, among other inspired works.

The House of Legends NFT collection includes one-of-a-kind renderings of historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, and the Dalai Lama. Collectors will also find notable painters such as Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Freddie Mercury, Leonard Cohen, and modern celebrities such as Oprah and Elon Musk.

House of Legends asked children worldwide to draw their hopes and aspirations for humanity as part of the project’s preparations. The development team culled 30 from the proposed portrayals combined with Amit Shimoni’s idea. The company then converted those pieces of art into one-of-its-kind NFT pieces.

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