How To Become A Blockchain Developer?


Blockchains are considered by many to be the next big revolution in tech, with many individuals and businesses changing the way they interact with data. In such a rapidly growing field, aspiring developers are also wondering how to jumpstart their blockchain careers. How to become a blockchain developer and what should you learn?

What Is Blockchain?

A blockchain is an innovative way of storing data. Instead of keeping information on a single, centralised server, it is spread across multiple systems in different geographical locations. It is also known as distributed ledger technology, as it acts as a publicly-available record of all transactions that take place on it. 

The key features of blockchains are decentralization, security and privacy. Additionally, transactions once made cannot be altered or deleted, ensuring that all information presented is reliable. 

The most popular blockchains today include Bitcoin and Ethereum. While Bitcoin is the first blockchain, Ethereum is the option most used by developers. 

What Is A Blockchain Developer?

A blockchain developer is a software developer who specializes in creating decentralised applications and systems on blockchain technology. They work on building, testing and deploying blockchain-based solutions, such as smart contracts, decentralized apps (dApps) and blockchain-based platforms. 

Developers must have a good understanding of the underlying principles of blockchain technology, as well as programming skills in languages such as Solidity, Python and C++. Blockchain developers are also responsible for writing code to interact with blockchain networks, such as creating and executing transactions and must understand the security considerations involved in blockchain development.

What Does A Blockchain Developer Do?

Depending on your primary function as a blockchain developer, you will be tasked with different things. 

  • As a core blockchain developer, your job will include working on the underlying foundations of the blockchain, including network structures, transaction processes and security of the network. These tasks are essential to the blockchain ecosystem as they ensure the platforms we all use to remain up and running. Think of this as being an operating system developer for Android
  • As a software developer on blockchains, your tasks will include creating new applications on top of existing blockchain platforms. In essence, you will build on top of the existing blockchain to create brand-new experiences and functionality for users. If core developers work on the OS, then software developers build apps like Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Finally, if you work as a Metaverse developer, your profile will be more similar to that of a game developer. It may involve familiarity with 3D modelling and design, along with programming skills to suit game creation. 

How To Become A Blockchain Developer From Scratch?

Here are the steps to start blockchain programming from scratch:

  • Understand the Fundamentals: Study the basics of cryptography, distributed systems, consensus algorithms and data structures used in blockchain.
  • Learn a Programming Language: Familiarize yourself with at least one programming language used in blockchain development such as Solidity (for Ethereum), JavaScript, and Python.
  • Study the existing blockchain platforms: Gain knowledge of popular blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Solana, along with their use cases.
  • Start building projects: Start working on simple blockchain projects to get hands-on experience, such as creating a simple smart contract or a decentralized application (dApp).
  • Participate in online communities and forums: Engage with the blockchain community by participating in forums, discussion groups, and hackathons to expand your knowledge and network with other professionals in the field.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Blockchain Developer?

Creating a simple application using a blockchain is a very quick process. If you have some familiarity with programming, you could have an application up and running within a week. 

However, if you start from scratch, you must get familiar with programming first, and then move on to developing for a blockchain. This process could take anywhere from one to three months for fast learners. 

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Blockchain Developer?

Rapidly Growing Field

Blockchain and crypto are rapidly growing fields. Getting started as a blockchain developer today gives you an early step into one of the most exciting and influential fields of the future. 

Total Control

Thanks to the blockchain’s decentralized nature, you can get total control over your data and platform when developing on a blockchain. To do this, simply create a sovereign blockchain for running your application. 

Scalability and Security

Building on top of an existing blockchain has its own set of benefits. Network security, validation and accommodation of users are taken care of by the underlying platform. All you must focus on are the features and functionalities available to your users. 

What Are The Technical Skills Required For Blockchain Developer?

As mentioned above, there are two sets of technical skills required to start programming on a blockchain. 

First, you must be familiar with several aspects of programming. As a developer, you must have experience in at least one programming language, along with an understanding of data structures, distributed systems and using APIs. 

Second, you must learn skills directly linked to blockchains, such as consensus mechanisms, cryptography and network security. A combination of these skills is what is necessary to be a successful blockchain developer. 

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FAQs on Blockchain Developer

How Much Do Blockchain Developers Make?

While there is a wide difference in salaries based on experience, projects and roles, the average pay you can expect as a blockchain developer is greater than $100,000. This is the average salary for developers working for companies based out of the US. Compensations vary based on country.

Can A Fresher Get A Job In Blockchain?

While it is possible for freshers to get jobs working with blockchains, most companies prefer applicants who have some work experience in software development or programming.

Does Blockchain Require Coding?

Currently, blockchain development is highly programming-intensive. While some platforms allow you to create new blockchains without much coding experience, making unique experiences and innovative applications requires some comfort with coding.

Is Blockchain Coding Hard?

Getting started with blockchain programming is very simple, but there is a wide range of applications you can make with them. Thus, coding can scale from very easy to very difficult based on the requirements of the project.

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