Crypto takes centre stage in Hong Kong: HSBC becomes the first bank to launch Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF Trading


HSBC has joined the list of renowned institutional investors in launching a Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF. This development is revolutionary and reinforces the fact that crypto is taking centre stage in the financial world. 

Starting from June 26th 2023, customers of the bank have the option to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs listed on the Hong Kong exchange, marking a significant breakthrough. This path-breaking launch makes HSBC the first bank in Hong Kong to introduce this feature. 

While most companies in the United States entering into the crypto space are asset management companies, HSBC is one of the first banks to make this move, hopefully paving the way for many banks to follow. 

Hong Kong’s Crypto History

Once a centre for numerous renowned crypto exchanges, the city had notable connections with China. However, in 2018, a voluntary licensing system was implemented, effectively limiting the services of crypto platforms to clients with portfolios exceeding $1 million. As a consequence, several exchanges opted to relocate from Hong Kong.

In late 2022, Hong Kong decided to make retail crypto trading legal according to a Bloomberg report. Being a prominent global financial hub, Hong Kong is striving to establish itself as a global centre for crypto. It has an autonomous financial and judicial system that operates separately from the Chinese government.

The decision to make crypto trading legal laid the foundation for several positive developments in the crypto space in hong kong, the latest one being HSBC’s decision to roll out Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs.


HSBC’s decision to allow trading of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs is anticipated to bring about a favourable change in crypto accessibility for Hong Kong residents. This development introduces fresh opportunities for individuals to participate in the crypto market within the confines of regulated ETFs. 

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HSBC’s move to facilitate the trading of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs represents a notable transformation in the traditional banking industry’s stance towards crypto. As the pioneering bank in Hong Kong to embrace crypto ETFs, HSBC not only expands investment options for its customers but also recognizes the increasing impact and acceptance of digital assets.

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